How Remote Printing Works?

what-is-remote-printing-how-does-it-work-benefitsIt has become easier to perform various functions away from your home or office – and remote printing is just one of the remote desktop features that you can use.

Most computers offer remote printing programs. You can even set up this feature in your operating system or use specialized remote application software.

What is Remote Printing?

Instructing a printer to print documents from a distance, using a computer (laptop, tablet, kindle, notebook, desktop or smartphone), is called remote printing.

You can send documents to a printer thousands of miles away either locally or via the internet, and it can be done safely with secure access control, encryption and authentication.

How does it Work?

Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) provides users with a standard network protocol that allows you to print documents remotely. In order to do this, IPP uses a traditional client-server model for users to send requests to a printer.

These requests consist of value/key pairs that use custom binary encoding, which are followed by an ‘end of attributes’ tag and all the data within your document.  The response is then sent back to you using the same media type (which is an ‘application/ipp’ MIME).

Is it Secure?

Your data is secure when travelling over the internet to and from your device and the printer. There are security measures in place to protect your information at the print server, within your device and on your PC.

While your data is streaming, it is encrypted with SSL (Security Sockets Layer) encoding and protected by HTTPS (or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

What are the Benefits?

Sending documents to a printer remotely has some major advantages. Here are some of them:

  • If you are late for a meeting, you can use your smartphone to access your computer and order the printer to begin printing in the meantime.
  • When travelling, you do not need to carry a printer with you. Many hotels have high-speed wireless networks. You can send documents to their printer and collect them when needed.
  • You no longer need to fax documents. You can simply send them to a printer and save money on faxing fees.
  • Many hotels have high-speed wireless networks. You can send documents to their printer and collect them when needed.
  • You can manage print jobs, media size, resolution, check the availability of a printer, cancel print jobs, check where your print jobs are in the queue, submit print jobs and query a printer’s capabilities.
  • There is no need to go into the office to print documents.

Remote printing is a fantastic tool for individuals and small businesses (especially those who travel, sending frequently fax documents or regularly email attachments for printing). Time can be saved and better used elsewhere.

Remote desktop features, are hugely advantageous and printing directly from your computer is cheaper than relying on fax and email services.