What are the Main Benefits of Remote Desktop Services for Small Businesses?

remote-desktop-software-benefits-small-businessesWith expenses being what they are today, small businesses are struggling to keep profits where they were. Remote desktop services provide innovative solutions that can be incorporated into your organization with dramatically successful results.

Money can be saved, resources used more effectively and working environments can become more productive. Are you searching for ways to move your business forward?

The benefits of remote desktop services offer small businesses the best options:

1. True Flexibility

Remote desktop services come with applications that can be used on a wide range of devices and operating systems. There is no need to change existing operating systems when introducing remote access to employees.

You can also gain complete control over business data and eliminate concerns you may have about your data mixing with employee’s private data on their personal devices. You simply use the same framework for smartphones and tablets that you use on your PC.

2. Maximum Security

All components of your data used during your session are stored in the data center of your remote desktop server. It is retrievable, even if you lose your PC or mobile device and is regularly backed up.

SSL coding provides secure, encrypted transmission while data travels over the internet and traditional infrastructures are in place to keep data secure. Two factor authentications give remote access only to those authorized to use it.

3. High Return on Investment

As your user base grows, remote access gets cheaper to accommodate all your desktop computers and employees using them. In addition to this, utilizing remote access is less expensive than equipping every employee with their own PC, insuring all of them, relying on fax services and other office expenses.

By implementing remote access into your business, expenses will decrease and your profits increase.

4. Optimal Scalability and Performance

Functions such as SSL bulk encryption and key exchanges are powered by high-performance hardware. This ensures that performance is running at the optimum level at all times.

Various hardware appliances are frequently used in conjunction with each other to further improve performance and scalability; ensuring devices connect within seconds and transfer required data speedily and accurately.

5. Less Data Leakage

Businesses experience challenges regarding data leakage. Remote access services address these issues effectively. Highly secure connections work with your current protection measures installed on your desktop.

This means that continued protection and updates are assured, no matter where your users are in the world.

6. Less Management

Less management is required when utilizing virtual desktop solutions. These affordable services offer more scalability and rely on fewer components while leveraging current investments such as software, security, applications and hardware.

This makes remote PC access services more manageable than other expensive solutions that perform similar functions.

7. Secure User Devices

Organizations no longer need to control user devices. The end-user device does not need to change because the original policies that were installed on the desktop are still effective and remain in place. Businesses benefit from this as the environment remains secure and is managed by your remote desktop service.

8. Tracking Services

You are able to capture remote screens and track a remote user’s activity. Your employee will not know that their PC is being monitored and these screen shots can be saved.

More importantly, all computers in your network can be scanned and a detailed inventory of hardware and software reports can be obtained. This information can be viewed within the application or printed as required.

9. Remote Support

Technical support can be provided to your employees directly on their PC. They can be shown exactly what to do, or what they are doing incorrectly, by using remote access.

An expert can connect to the computer and the employee can see precisely what they are doing. This is helpful when staff members are out of the office and money can be saved on travelling expenses if an expert needs to be outsourced.


Small businesses around the world are taking advantage of the benefits that remote desktop services offer. The ability to access your corporate PC’s remotely provides so many new and inventive opportunities to save money in many areas, as well as be able to manage them easily.

Your employees gain much from it as well and implementing virtual desktop solutions into your business ensures a winning environment.