Which Devices Can Be Used to Remotely Access my PC or Mac?

Remote Desktop DevicesAccessing your PC or Mac from your smartphone, Kindle or tablet has never been easier. This technology is growing rapidly and you can gain remote access to your desktop from anywhere where you have internet signal.

Using the right technology; you can transfer files, print, sync, share, attend or create online meetings or presentations and take advantage of the various administrative tasks that you can perform remotely. You can do anything for the office without stepping a foot inside it. These are the devices you can use for this software:

1. Windows PCs

All Windows computers use an operating system (called Windows) that is compatible with the required applications. By downloading and installing the same remote application on both your PC and mobile device; you can print, share data, transfer files and utilize all the remote desktop features that have been invented. You can do all of this and more without being anywhere near computer you want to access.

2. Mac Computers

The Mac operating system works well for this feature and allows you to use your mobile device to connect to your Mac or PC at any time, from anywhere. Your desktop will perform any function that you instruct it to from your device. You can use your mobile device to work from your PC and relay any information that you require via secure online virtualization solutions.

3. Android Devices

Installing the application software is simple on the newest Android devices. Using the same application on your PC or Mac will give you control of your PC within seconds. You will be able to do everything that you can do on your desktop with minimum hassle and complete security; such as printing, transferring files, online meetings or any of the features on offer.

4. iOS Devices

The latest iPad, iPod and iPhone devices can use this technology and it can be found in your application store. Easy to set up and use on both your device and your PC or Mac, you can work from anywhere in the world. Your desktop can be viewed in real-time and you can control, instruct and do whatever you need to do from hundreds of miles away.

5. Windows Mobile Devices

Applications for virtualization software are available for your Windows Mobile and Tablet devices. These applications are compatible with most operating systems such as Linus, UNIX, Mac OS X and Windows. You can connect to as many computers as you need to, over multiple platforms. Simple to use and cost-effective, you no longer need to go into the office at all.

6. BlackBerry

BlackBerry gives users on-the-go access to their home or work computers. You can set up the application on your mobile device and on numerous PC’s as well, allowing you to connect to any of them. These phones support multiple displays and you can work comfortably while on holiday, sick in bed, working from home or travelling.

7. Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD users can install the remote access software on their device and as many computers as they desire, usually at no extra cost. This will give you access to these PC’s or Mac’s and you can work as if you are sitting in front of your desktop. In addition, you can instruct it to perform any number of tasks while you are sipping cocktails on the beach.


Remote desktop services offer cost-effective, time saving solutions for businesses of any size and their employees. Individuals no longer need to commute to work during specific times and can use that time more productively.

Lifestyles are vastly improved and using remote access solutions is a trend that is growing at a rapid pace. Gone are the days of massive offices, stressful living and the expenses they require.