Raxco Perfect Speed 2.0 Review: Speed Up Your PC!

Raxco Perfect Speed 2.0 Review: Speed Up Your PC!There’s a reason CNET editors rated Raxco PerfectSpeed 2.0 with five stars which can clean up your PC with the detail and expertise that only a highly-paid professional can attain. But instead of paying a technical guru hundreds of dollars, PerfectSpeed is available to you for only $24.99 and will have your PC operating like new in minutes.

Registry Cleaning

One way Raxco PerfectSpeed 2.0 can clean up your computer by sifting through the registry and straightening out any errors it finds. Your registry is the guts of your system, holding all of the information that makes it run. As you install and uninstall programs, excess information remains in the registry, bogging your system down and threatening to cause conflicts. PerfectSpeed carefully cleans your registry to prevent drastic changes that might cause system instability. Duplicate data and other unwanted items will be removed from the registry, along with any malware that has made its way into the core of your system. Unlike other registry cleaners that can themselves contain malware, Perfect Speed won’t harm your system. It is from Raxco, an award-winning software manufacturer that specializes in home and business PC performance.

Defrag Your PC Your Way

Raxco’s Software Microsoft certified disk cleaner utility can improve your computer’s speed and performance by up to 300%. With PerfectSpeed, you choose when your PC runs its scans, whether it happens whenever your computer’s screen saver kicks in or at a predetermined time each day or week. Perfect Speed’s StealthPatrol™ can even have your defrag run when it senses your PC is not in use. Defragmentation reorganizes the files on your computer so that your system can more easily find them. Perfect Speed also takes into account how often files are used and organizes them accordingly, saving your computer from having to search through files every time you need them.

Erase Your Browsing Habits

Every time you visit a web page, check your e-mail, or download a program, you leave a history that can be viewed by websites that place tracking cookies on your computer. You can try to manually remove these files, but that can be time-consuming and ineffective. Perfect Speed can go in and sweep your PC clean of this information, keeping your information away from prying eyes. Perfect Speed’s file deletion system removes files from your computer without a trace, without having to keep up with multiple software and processes that confuse you and take chunks of your valuable time. Raxco Perfect Speed 2.0 uses military precision to dispose of files you no longer need so even if your device is stolen, criminals won’t access your important data.

Eliminate Duplicate Data

Your system is full of duplicate information and temp files you’ll never need. Raxco Perfect Speed 2.0 can erase these duplicate files, both speeding up performance and freeing up part of your hard drive for your use. This is especially important with duplicate music and picture files, which can be space hogs. While many PC clean-up programs promise to repair your performance and space issues, many just empty the recycle bin and delete temp files. Perfect Speed goes beyond the norm, clearing up space and freeing up memory in ways the competition doesn’t.

Customization and Compatibility

Each PC is different. Your browser add-ons and controls are specific to your needs. Perfect Speed’s customization allows you to enable or disable its clean-up features. This puts you in control of your system. PerfectSpeed even lets you choose the types of error beeps you receive, as well as the balloon tips you get when using the software. Raxco PerfectSpeed 2.0 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. It also works with your PC’s hard drive, flash drive, and USB hard drives. You can not only clean up your PC or laptop, you can use Perfect Speed to optimize performance on your external devices. Raxco’s Perfect Diskalso speeds up your PC’s performance but PerfectSpeed focuses on keeping temp files and junk files off your computer. The software also cleans your registry, which can improve your PC’s overall performance. File deletion and internet trace eraser are also unique features, making it a perfect complement to Perfect Disk. The product can work independently or in conjunction with Raxco’s other software. Raxco can also keep your computer free of bad cookies, collected by your system during your browsing sessions.


Raxco Perfect Speed 2.0 will act as your personal clean-up assistant, working when your system is idle to keep your PC clear of unnecessary files. This will speed up performance and allocate more storage space, keeping your PC operating smoothly for a long time.