Raxco RamDisk Plus Review: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet Train!

ramdisk plus review

ramdisk plus review

Those of us that spend hours of time writing and researching on the Internet know how frustrating it can be to deal with lagging browser speeds and poor PC performance. When I write, I sometimes have to open multiple browser windows and even multiple browsers. Even the best computers get bogged down by this. I looked for solutions that didn’t involve gutting my computer with a new processor, and that’s when I discovered Raxco’s RamDisk Plus.

What RamDisk Plus Does

This reasonably-priced software ($79.99 with a free trial) uses the computer’s RAM to make a virtual hard drive that, to your Windows computer, appears and operates identically to any hard drive…only much faster.

For those that don’t know, normal hard drives are essentially a stack of discs that are spun and read by the computer. That’s the whirling sound you hear when turning on. RAM doesn’t have that problem. It operates much faster since it has no moving parts, and this is what RamDisk Plus utilizes. I have used other software that emulates this, but none does it with the same efficiency and ease.

How it Works

After installing the software, this program allows you to partition unused memory, even hundreds of gigabytes, and create a virtual disc. This looks and operates just like any disc, and your computer can’t tell the difference. If you have files, media or programs that traditionally bog down your computer, running them from this virtual disc will DRAMATICALLY improve performance. You can also create up to 99 virtual drives with this software. You can also check the Getting Started Guide on how to actually create a RAM disk.

Multiple Uses

Since this works as a typical hard drive, your computer uses it the same way. You can enjoy faster web browsing by installing your browser cache on the virtual drive. For those that have dealt with sluggish printing, you can put the printer spool folder in the virtual hard drive and enjoy much faster printing and processing. You will notice some really dramatic differences if you install your System Temp file on this virtual drive. Since your Temp file is used for almost every computer process, your computer’s speed with improve across the board.

Security Issues

Some computer users hesitate to create virtual drives because of security worries. Typically, this is a justified worry. Since virtual drives can be easily copied and sent, hackers have found them easier for phishing. But that’s not a worry with this program.

Once you create the virtual drive, the program automatically erases it once the computer is shutdown or restarted. If you want to save the drive, you need to only create a disc image from it. When you want to erase data, a virtual drive erases completely and cannot be recovered while a hard drive can be recovery. For those that frequently buy and sell their computers, that’s a relief.


What kind of difference can it make? Well, you’ll notice applications running up to ten times faster and you can access drive contents up to 50 times faster. RamDisk claims those specs, but they are actually true. It really makes that kind of difference.

This is a very forgiving program for computers, so you don’t need Alien-ware or some two thousand dollar behemoth to run it. It operates on any versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7…that includes both 32- and 64-bit versions. You only need a processor of 1 Ghz or better and at least 2 GB RAM. If your computer was built in the last couple years, chances are it will run the program just fine.


In the past, I have bought gobs of software that has promised to speed my computer speeds, everything from spyware cleaners to media players. Some of them worked, and some of them did not. No single program has ever made the difference as Raxco RamDisk Plus has. It might be an investment, but if you spend significant time on your computer, that small investment can save you lots of time and frustration.

Get more information at Raxco’s blog page.