Raxco PerfectGuard Review: It’s not Reactive Antivirus but Real Time Proactive Protection against Any Web Threat

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perfectguard free downloadYes it is possible! You have just purchased your new computer and you’re ready to surf the net. You might have also bought protection software such as antivirus or Internet security programs.

I know it’s frustrating to deal with all this security software that drives you crazy when you just want to be on Facebook and interact with your friends and family, but do you know that invisible Internet threats can steal personal information from you through your personal accounts like Facebook, Twitter and emails?

That’s why you have to be proactive rather than reactive and you can do this with Raxco’s PerfectGuard new Real Time AntiLogger technology!

What is Real Time AntiLogger Technology?

Every antivirus software needs its database to be updated on a daily or weekly basis, to deal with new threats and viruses that are out on the Internet and ready to hit your computer. PerfectGuard uses real time proactive anti-malware protection that identifies known and unknown threats instantly, while continuously monitoring your system when you surf the web.

This particular way can protect you from dishonest people trying to steal your credit card or bank information while you type your user name and password to enter your bank accounts or make a purchase.

An Additional Layer of Protection

Many people do not realize the danger when surfing the web. But the Internet is like the real world outside and if you don’t take the right protection it’s like walking on the crowded streets of your city and having your wallet – money – ID, exposed outside your pocket or purse!

Would you like other people to see how much money you carry on you, or have access to your name, family photos, credit cards, etc? This is what someone can see if you’re exposed on the Internet, also. PerfectGuard’s proactive protection can help you and your online activities to be completely private and secure. Let’s take a look at what else this awesome guard can offer to you:

  1. Security Protocols (SSL) that uses cryptographic methods to complete safely financial transactions and detect / block any malware activity before, during or after these types of procedures.
  2. Anti-Keystroke Logging Software that identifies and blocks any suspicious activity while typing on your keyboard. This way no one can see what you are typing or try to steal it.
  3. Anti-Screen Logging Software that detects any possible threat that will try to steal your personal information by capturing your monitor’s screen.
  4. Webcam Protection that blocks any software that can control your web camera even when your camera is turned off. (For better protection unplug the camera if possible.)
  5. Anti-Clipboard Logging Protection that doesn’t allow any malware to steal private files from your Window’s clipboard when actions are taken like copying and pasting.
  6. Main System Protection that defends your computer’s system information, users, specifications, Windows versions, devices, programs, etc.

perfectguard review - download free trial

PerfectGuard Advantages

  • Real Time Protection from any malware
  • Monitoring SSL Connections / Encryptions
  • Identifies any keystroke activities
  • Stops webcam hijackers
  • Disallows malware that steals personal or system information

PerfectGuard Disadvantages

  • Might not be compatible with all Antivirus Software (check list here)

What are others saying about PerfectGuard?

Customer feedback for Raxco PerfectGuard reveals mixed reviews. A Systems Engineer of a well-known company confirms that all of his online activities can now be private and secure, and says that PerfectGuard gives peace of mind to everyone who wants privacy while surfing the web. Another customer said that the program adds an extra layer of protection, past regular antivirus and Internet security software, which reduces any fear of being hijacked or losing access to financial / banking accounts.


Everyone should be a little more responsible when it comes to Internet security. I personally advise people to educate themselves on how to protect their personal information while surfing the net. PerfectGuard can give an extra layer of real time protection at a reasonable price. It is definitely worth spending a decent amount of money to protect your personal and financial information. What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this review.

Where do I Get More Info about PerfectGuard?

For more information about PerfectGuard please visit Raxco official page.

Is There Any Free Trial to Download PerfectGuard?

Yes, there is a Free 15 Day Trial. Download Raxco PerfectGuard.