Raxco Perfect Updater 2.0 Keeps Your Computer Updated with the Latest Drivers!

Raxco Perfect Updater 2.0 Keeps Your Computer Updated with the Latest Drivers!Your computer may not be operating at peak performance. That may be because keeping every driver up to date can be a grueling process. As soon as you’ve updated everything, something is already out of date, since updated drivers are constantly being released. Since some of those drivers address serious security issues, you may be putting your computer at risk.

Raxco Perfect Updater 2.0 can take care of your updates for you. With its comprehensive scan engine, the software will check your system on a regular schedule that you set. This ensures your computer is always up to date.

No Third-Party Drivers

Some driver updating software may seem to have a large database of drivers, but using third-party drivers can put your computer in danger or, at the very least, prevent your hardware and operating system from working correctly. Perfect Updater software application uses only the manufacturer’s drivers, so you can rest assured you are getting the recommended software to make your computer run.

The program currently contains more than 700,000 software and hardware driver files, with its database constantly being updated to provide customers with new drivers from every manufacturer on the market. Raxco guarantees its drivers are one hundred percent free of viruses, providing a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. If you have problems at any time with the software’s driver, Raxco offers a full-service help desk to walk you through a remedy.

Automatically Scans and Updates

Raxco Perfect Updater 2.0 automatically scans its database for updated drivers for your files. When one is found, it installs it but first your current drivers are backed up in case a conflict should arise. If you begin having problems, simply click on the Restore tab and you’ll have the ability to roll back any update Perfect Updater has performed on your computer.

Having the latest drivers for all your hardware and software will not only help your computer run more smoothly, but it will help prevent conflicts that can lead to your computer freezing up or giving you the blue screen of death. If you participate in gaming or watch movies on your computer, you can keep your graphics card up to date so you get the most out of your experience.

You won’t be in the dark about what Perfect Updater is doing, either. The software displays on the screen what is being scanned. If any outdated drivers are found, they are listed out at the end of the scan. You then decide which drivers to update and with one click, it brings you up to date. The software will also let you see just how out of date your driver was, providing you the date it was last updated, alongside the date of the most current driver available to replace it. This puts you in charge of deciding which files go on your computer.

Why Do I Need a Driver Updater?

Your computer likely arrived preloaded with software to allow the operating system to recognize your mouse, keyboard, and other devices. Over time, as you’ve added devices and installed new software, your operating system only has those preloaded drivers to choose from. Very few people regularly go to the manufacturer websites for every peripheral device and manually download updated drivers and over time, this can create problems. If your operating system is trying to communicate with your hardware using outdated software, you may begin to notice a lag in response time or error messages.

Perfect Updater can prevent those problems by keeping your drivers up to date. By only using manufacturer’s drivers, the program makes sure your drivers have been thoroughly tested to work with a wide variety of software applications and other hardware devices. If a conflict is found, the manufacturer will likely know about it and will provide an updated driver to fix the problem through the updating software and will immediately install to your computer.

If there are any drivers you don’t want updated, there’s an exclusion list option. This can help prevent instability in your computer while still keeping your other drivers updated.

Compatibility and Pricing

For the low price of just $29.99, you can have Raxco Perfect Updater 2.0 working on your system whether you have Windows XP, Vista, and 7. But don’t take our word for it. PC World praised the software in October of 2011, stating that Perfect Updater 2.0 “delivered the best mix of accurate updates and interface usability.”


If your computer isn’t using a software updater, you may be suffering from various errors and malfunctioning peripheral devices. Raxco Perfect Updater 2.0’s driver updating engine will make sure your equipment works at peak performance when you need it most.