Raxco Perfect Registry 2.0 Fixes Your Registry Like a Pro!

Raxco Perfect Registry 2.0 Fixes Your Registry Like a Pro!

Raxco Perfect Registry 2.0 Fixes Your Registry Like a Pro!For most people, the thought of tweaking a computer’s registry is terrifying. One wrong move and your PC will no longer boot. But Raxco Perfect Registry 2.0 will automatically repair and optimize your registry, speeding up your PC’s performance while preventing major problems.

Great Value at a Low Price

One of the best features PerfectRegistry 2.0 is its low price. For just $29.99, you can put this great program to work for you. The software has been tested with more than a thousand applications, ensuring it will work efficiently with any software you might use.

When Do You Need Raxco Perfect Registry 2.0?

If your PC is sluggish, old age might not be the culprit. In fact, overloaded registries can even slow down brand new computers. The truth is, every time you use your computer you further bog down your registry, adding onto the already burgeoning indexes with information from software you use and websites you visit.

PerfectRegistry 2.0 can clear out all of that. The software cleans out invalid registry errors and removes duplicate and obsolete information from your registry, making your computer run more efficiently. Repairing these problems will not only make your computer run better, it will prevent system crashes and blue screens of death. By restoring system stability, you’ll avoid potential data loss and avoid down time due to constant unexpected reboots.

If those Windows error messages are getting to you, PerfectRegistry can help with that as well. It fixes common Windows error messages, unburdening you from constant pop-ups.

How Do I Know if My Registry is Damaged?

If you’re dealing with a slow PC, there’s a possibility you have registry problems, especially if your computer is relatively new. Frequent blue screens of death are also a strong indication. In fact, often your blue screen will have an error message that specifically references a registry problem.

If your programs or even your entire PC frequently freeze up, you likely have problems related to your registry. You’ll also benefit from Raxco Perfect Registry 2.0 if you find your software is dragging when you try to open it or you have to deal with your mouse freezing up throughout the day.

Backup Capabilities

Those worries about one error messing up everything are resolved with Raxco’s Perfect Registry 2.0. The software’s backup and restore functionality allows you to always have a safety net when the software is working for you. If your registry cleaning causes something to malfunction, backup and restore will put it back the way it was before the cleaning.

You’re in Control

With Raxco Perfect Registry’s control panel, you can administer your system’s registry cleaning. Choose what time of day you want scans to be performed, preventing your system from slowing down when you need it most. After a scan is complete, you’ll receive a message alerting you to errors, along with an option to fix those errors with one click.

PerfectRegistry will give you detailed information about what’s going on with your registry. You don’t have to use this functionality but for those who are computer savvy, being able to see a detailed list of discovered problems can help you make informed decisions about what to clean and what to leave alone.

Purchase Details

In addition to the $29.99 price for one license, Raxco also provides a multi-user license that costs $49.99 for an entire household. If you aren’t sure whether to buy it or not, Raxco is offering a free trial of its software, allowing you to try before you buy.

Before you download, Raxco gives you its assurance its software will not make changes to your system, your security settings, or your web browser. If you have problems removing PerfectRegistry after installation, Raxco’s customer service will provide free assistance. If for any reason you aren’t happy with their software, Raxco offers a thirty-day money back guarantee on its products.

Raxco PerfectRegistry 2.0 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. Perfect Registry is part of Raxco’s suite of computer software that includes PerfectAntivirus, PerfectUpdated, and PerfectSpeed. All of Raxco’s products are designed to make your computer operate at peak performance without compromising your personal security.

Raxco has been designing software for more than thirty years, with many of its products winning awards. The company has won awards from PC World, CNET, and WindowsITPro’s Reader’s Choice award. Raxco’s customer base is worldwide, with a presence in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin America, South America, and the Pacific Rim. Numerous countries throughout the world rely on Raxco’s software to maintain smooth business operations.


Raxco PerfectRegistry 2.0 is the best way to keep your registry clean and error-free, without having to risk operating system damage by trying to repair it yourself. With such a low price, it’s a value that can’t be beaten.