Raxco Perfect Antivirus 2012 and Antivirus Plus 2012 Review: Protect Both Your Computer and Your Data!

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Raxco Perfect Antivirus 2012 and Antivirus Plus 2012 Review: Protect Both Your Computer and Your Data!These days, PC users need an antivirus that does far more than protect systems against damage. With identity theft and spyware threatening so much more than user’s personal computers, consumers need an antivirus program that blocks hackers at the source. Raxco’s Perfect Antivirus products provide so much more than viral protection. They provide peace of mind.

Raxco Perfect Antivirus 2012

Raxco Perfect Antivirus 2012 offers triple-threat detection, safeguarding your computer against viruses, spyware, and phishing attempts—all three of which pose constant threats to anyone who spends time online. Raxco’s PerfectAntivirus does more than scan your computer for infections. Watching for known behaviors, Raxco’s antivirus software works from the Cloud to make sure your PC is kept safe from the latest known threats, as well as those that have not yet been identified.

The program also has its own rescue mode, allowing you to boot in a safe mode to let you clean your PC without having to worry about further infection. Raxco uses technology from BitDefender, highly rated antivirus software, to power its engine.

It’s personal data filter will help keep your private information private by preventing that information from residing in the cache of your computer once you no longer need it. You’ll also have the protection of Perfect Antivirus’s anti-phishing feature, which keeps you from being unknowingly directed to a fake site that will capture your username and password information, as well as other data such as credit card numbers and social security numbers.

If you regularly chat, you’ll love Raxco’s new chat encryption feature. Your private conversations will be protected. You’ll be able to turn this encryption off if you ever choose. In fact, Roxco Perfect Antivirus lets you turn off several of its features if you ever need to temporarily suspend them for any reason.

Your chats won’t be the only thing protected. Raxco Perfect Antivirus 2012 offers social networking protection, keeping you safe while you hang out on Facebook and Twitter. You can rest assured that your friends’ information will remain safe from prying eyes, since Perfect Antivirus monitors your social networking session for any attempts to gather information about you or those with whom you interact. Since many Facebookers have found themselves being directed to malicious websites via a link, Perfect Antivirus protects against that, as well, warning you when you are about to go somewhere unsafe.

You won’t have to worry about Perfect Antivirus slowing you down. The software runs when the system is idle, running silently in the background while you sleep or spend time with friends and family.

You won’t have to be an expert to put PerfectAntivirus to work for you. The software features Autopilot, which uses your settings to make the best decisions about your security needs. Simply install the software and the protection begins.

Raxco AntivirusPlus 2012

If you like Raxco’s Perfect Antivirus 2012 but need a more thorough software package, Raxco Antivirus Plus 2012 is the software for you. Incorporating all of the features of Perfect Antivirus, Antivirus Plus adds on several key features, including firewalls, parental controls, and anti-spam protection.

You need the security of knowing nobody is trying to access your wi-fi network and AntivirusPlus provides it. AntivirusPlus’s two-way firewall makes sure information doesn’t get out while blocking intruders from getting in, stopping cybercriminals from being able to extract the data they need. Your personal information will remain safely behind the firewall, where nobody can get to it.

Tired of junk mail? Many e-mail programs now offer anti-spam filtering, but far too many messages make it through. AntivirusPlus can catch the unwanted e-mails your e-mail software doesn’t, basing its choices on your preferences. Your inbox will once again be filled with only information you want to see.

For parents, Raxco AntivirusPlus 2012’s parental controls are the most welcome addition to Raxco’s antivirus protection. If you have children, you may worry about their safety while they’re online. AntivirusPlus allows you to set restrictions on what your children see and where they go online, even going so far as letting you set specific hours your child can be online. AntivirusPlus also allows you to monitor what your child is doing online remotely, giving you the peace of mind you need.

System Requirements

Both Raxco Perfect Antivirus 2012 and Raxco AntivirusPlus 2012 require Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Microsoft Windows Vista with Service Pack 2, or Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. You will need at least 1GB of RAM and a 800MHz processor to run Raxco’s antivirus software, as well as at least 1.8 GB of free space on your hard drive.


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty antivirus solution that will protect your computer from attacks and infections, check out Raxco’s Perfect Antivirus 2012 and AntivirusPlus 2012.