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Raxco Coupon and Review

Welcome to Raxco promo code page! We are currently offering the latest and official Raxco coupons. Save 25% on all Raxco Software with the use of the code displaying at the top right widget.

Whoever first said ‘divide and conquer’ clearly had no experience with server fragmentation. In the context of physical or virtual server performance, division of data is going to slow you down.

Raxco CouponWhat slows your systems down, slows you, or your business down? Are your systems up to speed to deal with defragmentation? If your throughput is more like stay-put, and your system is freezing you out more than the winter snows, you need to get a handle on defragmenting your system.

For us, it’s hard to find a range of electro-mechanical and virtual defragmentation and optimization software more complete for anyone’s needs than those at Raxco Software. Consistently producing top class defragmentation, registry cleaning, internet security software and performance utilities, Raxco is understandably popular, serving over 25,000 companies worldwide.

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1. PerfectDisk 13

Raxco deliver a highly performance set of solutions designed to cure your software headaches. They specialize in defragmentation and optimization software with PerfectDisk! Raxco have been meticulous in ensuring they provide the precise PerfectDisk package for every home or office environment. Whether you are an IT professional or a private power user, your search to solve your system snags stops here. PerfectDisk 13 comes in two editions (Pro Version and Home Server).

2. PerfectUpdater

Another Raxco great utility software is PerfectUpdater! This incredible piece of software can identify the most recent drivers needed to keep your computer running quickly and smoothly. It can also install all new drivers by a single click while is searching its huge database of more than 700,000 hardware files which is constantly updated.

PerfectUpdater includes drivers for new OS or older ones and can backup / restore current drivers for accidentally wrong installation. You can operate PerfectUpdater manually or schedule automatic updates. It provides a basic help option but you can also contact Raxco Software by phone, email or visit their forum for more information.

3. PerfectRegistry

PerfectRegistry is Raxco’s top enhance/optimize overall PC performance solution. What this type of software can do is to quickly speed up your system by cleaning invalid registry errors, give faster access to your running programs and fix all errors automatically.

It can also enhance the overall pc performance, prevent system crashes, avoid error messages, including a backup and restore option so you don’t have to worry if something went wrong during the cleaning process! If you’re experiencing slow pc performance, blue screens, display / system crashes or programs that freeze time to time, PerfectRegistry 2.0 is the solution to all of these problems.

4. RamDisk Plus

This is Raxco’s new software solution that promises more than 50% faster speed than normal physical drives. What it does is to create a virtual drive on the main memory (RAM) which is faster to access than a normal hard disk drive. That’s because RAM doesn’t have mechanical parts and its access speed is measured in nanoseconds rather than a hdd which is measured in milliseconds (slower).

This can improve the speed of your computer 3 to 10 times fasterin overall performance! You can select the size of the virtual drive, copy and paste or delete files, create multiple virtual disks and save the drive’s content to an image file automatically before your computer will shut down. After restarting your PC the image will load automatically so you’ll continue your work at where you have left it.

5. PerfectSpeed

This great tool can check your pc performance and find four types of errors. First it searches your registry for errors, second your free space (if your cache is full or if there’s no room for more programs to install), third it is searching for traces (it can permanently remove personal data, internet history or delete duplicate content) and optimize your hard disk drive.

PerfectSpeed software costs only $29,99 and it’s a great option for individual users that they want quickly to optimize their OS.

6. PerfectGuard

PerfectGuard is the replacement for PerfectAntivirus and Perfect Antivirus Plus. This new proactive software is a real time anti-logger that runs in the background and scans for suspicious malware activities. Also features the SSL logger protection that runs while using https connection. It can identify and stop malware attempts at the computer’s system in seconds!

PerfectGuard monitors your keyboard too with Anti-keylogger. It keeps your typing safe from being captured or made public. Other features includes screen capture protection, webcam hijack protection, clipboard protection and system defense, keeping your system safe from any threat!


So what kind of money are we talking about for some of these? See the tables below for some initial information.

1. PerfectDisk 13 (all versions – up to 3 PCs) starting $29,99

2. PerfectUpdater starting $19,99

3. PerfectRegistry starting $19,99

4. RamDisk Plus Workstation starting $79,99

5. PerfectSpeed starting $39,99

6. Perfect Guard (one user) starting $29,99

Raxco Promotional Codes

Take the time to look for the latest Raxco coupons available. These codes can give you a great discount on any Raxco product. These promo codes are available from Raxco and can give you up to 25% off.

So, what do the users say?

There are few factors that always form the bases for decision taking, especially when customers are seeking for the most valuable shopping option. Among these factors are proving of merchants authenticity and the customers feedback. With regards to the authenticity of Raxco, it is a BBB accredited company with an A+ rating.

While this may not have anything to do with the experiences that previous customers had with this software solution, let’s just say it’s hard to find a negative feedback. Raxco’s own website boasts an impressive range of positive customer testimonials. Customers were basically thrilled by the speed of the system, its clean user-friendly interface, integrated unique features and the unlimited technical and community supports.


Surprisingly, it wasn’t only on their own website. Independently too though, it seems Raxco Software can do little wrong, with independent review websites such as C/ scoring it 5/ 5 with C/NET independent users scoring it 4/5 and rating it in their TOP 5 defragmenters from user votes.

We reckon, you shouldn’t easily discount them. Do your own due diligence and decide if they meet your requirements and budget. On the contrary, you can always try out their services with the free trail account and decide if it is truly worth your hard earned money.

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  2. Hey there, thank you so much for a great review on the defrag programs. Also, thank you for the coupon code that saved me some cash. I used to use PerfectDisk for years before I went to a Mac back in 2009, and now I came back and was eager to re-purchase PerfectDisk. It puts Windows built-in Defrag to shame!

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