My Review of QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2011 and Pricing Details


If you’re a contractor and you manage your finances in-house, whether you do your own taxes or work with an accountant, QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2011 is an accounting package made just for you. Designed for general contractors, subcontractors and specialty trades, QuickBooks Premier Contractor offers tools and reports just for the contracting industry, including “Job Costs by Vendor” reports, “Cost to Complete Job” reports, and job profitability analysis.

Best Features

1. Advanced Reporting and Tools: QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2011 includes all the features of QuickBooks Pro 2011, and also boasts advanced reporting and other tools tailored for the contracting industry, so you can manage your contracting business easily without having to “adapt” a general-purpose accounting package to your needs.

2. Customized Contracting Reports: “Job Costs by Vendor” reports, “Cost to Complete Job” reports, and job profitability analysis help you determine and optimize your cost of doing business.

3. User-Friendly: QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2011 is easy to set up and use and includes a built-in Learning Center to help you navigate your way through the software. It’s designed to be used by contractors, not accountants.

Customer Opinions

Satisfied customers love the expanded reporting options for contractors and feel that they save a lot of time using a contractor-specific accounting package. The contractor-specific features were very popular, but QuickBooks in general is favored among contractors as an accounting package. A favorite feature is the slide-in/slide-out window when creating invoices, to view recent transactions. Another well-liked feature is the history screen which appears on certain views (invoice, estimate, bill, purchase order and sales receipt). Overall, QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2011 got thumbs up from contractors using it to manage their finances.


QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2011 retails for about $399.00, but you can almost always find a better deal online. You can find out more about QuickBooks Premier 2011 and get the latest discounts.

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