QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2011 Review and Best Price


For small businesses who want to do their own payroll instead of using a Payroll service, and who already use QuickBooks, QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2011 makes payroll a matter of a few clicks. You want to spend your time running your business, not running payroll, and Enhanced Payroll lets you do just that. You can easily calculate payroll, create paychecks and print checks or use direct deposit. Don’t worry about tax deductions; Enhanced Payroll handles all of that for you. Tax payments also become easy and relatively painless; Enhanced Payroll instantly calculates your payroll taxes, both federal and state, tracks your payments, and pays your taxes electronically. Enhanced Payroll even automatically fills in the tax forms for you; you just print them out, sign them and stick them in the mail. And because Enhanced Payroll works within QuickBooks, you never have to enter information twice.

Best Features

1. Easy Payroll: Pay your employees in a few clicks; Enhanced Payroll calculates employee paychecks including deductions and you simply print a check or use direct deposit to pay your employers. It couldn’t be easier to pay your employees.

2. Payroll Taxes: Enhanced Payroll calculates your federal and state payroll taxes for you, tracks your payments, and lets you pay your payroll taxes electronically. It even fills out your payroll tax forms so you just print them, sign them and mail them and you’re done.

3. Integrated into QuickBooks: Because Enhanced Payroll works inside of QuickBooks, you have access to all your information once you’ve entered it in QuickBooks; you never have to enter data a second time to run payroll.

Customer Opinions

Satisfied customers believe that QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll “does everything a good payroll program should do,” and many users find the payroll taxes and ease of paying employees a great advantage to QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2011. All users felt QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll worked great within QuickBooks and was easy to use and set up.


QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll lists for $219.95, but is available through Amazon for $165 new with Prime shipping. Amazon MarketPlace vendors offer it from $159.95 new. You can learn more about QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll.

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