QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2011 Review & Best Price


Many entrepreneurs spend endlessly every year with the attempt to automate most of their internal activities in order to increase productivity and reduce cost. However, while such expenses are widely channeled on complicated machines and on-the-job training programs, they do little to reduce the amount of work inherent in the whole operation of the firm. Notably, simple programs like QuickBooks has helped many business owners and employers to reduce the amount of work in their payroll system; thereby minimizing errors, improving productivity and reducing cost.

If you use QuicksBooks as an employer, you can put all your payment system on autopilot with QuickBook Basic Payroll 2011. This program does more than just keep your employee database organized; it makes all the calculations, prepares the payroll taxes, including your federal taxes and state taxes, and generates all the financial reports needed by your accountant. With QuickBook Basic Payroll 2011, you only have to write the payroll checks for your employees, pay taxes as calculated and study your financial report without going through the stress of horrible calculations.

Best Features

1. Run Payroll within QuickBooks so you enter all of your data into QuickBooks one time, and then you’re done. No entering data twice, no difficulties with duplicate or incorrect data in separate bookkeeping and payroll programs. All these time-sucking short-comings were struck hands-down with QuickBooks.

2. Prompt Financial Reports for Tax Fillings: Generate all the reports your accountant needs for your tax filings, and easily work with your accountant on taxes at the end of the year. No more boring complicated calculations whatsoever!

3. Payroll Knowledge Base: Access Intuit’s Payroll Knowledge Base 24/7 for questions about payroll; never go it alone. This serves like a personal guide and tutor for all you may need to know about payroll.

Customer Opinions

Satisfied customers say that Basic Payroll is very easy to use and user-friendly, and easy to set up. One of the most common compliments is that it is great for small businesses to do payroll within QuickBooks and works very well for calculating payroll, exactly as expected. Many users upgrade every year because QuickBooks Basic Payroll is an integral part of their business.


QuickBooks Basic Payroll retails for $99.95, but Amazon offers it new for $61.99 with Prime shipping. Amazon MarketPlace vendors offer it for $61.99 new as well. You can learn more about QuickBooks Basic Payroll 2011.

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