My Review of QuickBooks Premier 2011 and Pricing Details


Whether you do all of your own business finances or keep your own books and work with an accountant for your taxes, QuickBooks Premier 2011 will help you manage all of your key business finance tasks, including customers, suppliers and employees. You don’t need to be a finance major to use QuickBooks Premier 2011, and with advanced reporting features and tools tailored to your industry, it gives you even more features and functionality than QuickBooks Pro 2011.

Best Features

1. Advanced Reporting and Tools: QuickBooks Premier 2011 boasts all the features of QuickBooks Pro 2011, plus even more reporting options and tools for specific industries, to help you manage your finances more easily.

2. Customized Sales and Profitability Reports: With QuickBooks Premier 2011, you can run customized reports on sales and profitability, “Cost to Complete Job,” and more

3. Learning Center: QuickBooks Premier 2011 is easy to set up, learn and use, with a built-in Learning Center to guide you through the process and help you find information on using the program.

Customer Opinions

Satisfied customers love the side bar view when doing payments, and believe that the upgrade from the 2008 version really is an upgrade and well worth the investment. A favorite feature is the slide-in window on invoices to view recent transactions on recent invoices. The history screen on invoice, bill, estimate, purchase order and sales receipt also received positive reviews. Many users found QuickBooks Premier 2011 very user-friendly and simple to work with. One “complaint” was actually that there are so many features, it takes time to figure out everything QuickBooks Premier 2011 can do.


QuickBooks Premier 2011 retails for $399.95, but you can almost always find a better deal online. Amazon sells it new for $249.95 with Prime shipping, and Amazon MarketPlace vendors sell it from $249.95. You can learn more about QuickBooks Premier 2011.

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