Quick and Easy AdSense Installation on Your WordPress Blog

If you have a WordPress blog and would like to utilize a simple, hands-off method of monetizing it then you may want to join Google’s AdSense program. This is a program where Google places small text ads on your blog that promote the products and services of other online merchants. When someone clicks on one of these ads the merchant pays Google a fee. Google, in turn, pays you a piece of that fee.

When you join the AdSense program Google will give you a piece of code to install on your blog and that’s it. Google handles the ads and the payments so all you do is focus on promoting your blog. AdSense can be installed on any website but since WordPress blogs are so popular and so simple I will just show you how to do it in a few easy steps.

Once you have an AdSense account you want to:

  • Click on “AdSense Setup”
  • Click on “AdSense for Content”
  • Select “Add Unit” or “Link Unit” (whichever style you prefer)
  • On the “Choose Formats and Colors” page, just go with the default settings for now. You can always change these later when you get more advanced.
  • On the “Choose Ad Channels” page, just leave this blank for now. Again, you can fix this later.
  • On the “Save and Get Code” page, give your ad code a name.
  • Click “submit” and your code will be generated.
  • Copy and paste this code into a text file.

From here, you can login to your WordPress admin panel. Your WordPress theme should be AdSense ready. If not, you will need to upload a new theme.

Once your theme is set, go to the “Plugins” section. You need to add a plugin in order to run AdSense.

  • Click in the “Add New” button.
  • Type in “Easy AdSense” and click “Search Plugins”
  • Select “Easy AdSense” from the search results.
  • Click “Install Now”
  • Click “Activate”

From here there is only one more step and you’re finished. From the “Easy AdSense” plugin, click “Settings”. Here you will see a list of options where you can place your code. This will determine where the ads appear on your blog. For now, use the “Lead-In AdSense Text” block. Copy and paste your code from your text file into this block and hit “Save Changes”.

That’s it! AdSense ads will now appear on your blog. You can make changes to the ads’ appearance and where they appear as you go forward, but I hope this simple primer will get you started making money with Google AdSense.