Protect your iPad with Applecare Protection Plan


As tablet computers such as the iPad have become more popular, the issues related to care and support for these products have grown exponentially.  Apple has risen to meet this growing need, creating one of the most comprehensive support plans available today – the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPad.  The AppleCare Plan provides 360 degree support, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance for your new iPad.  Unlimited access to Apple’s award-winning support technicians means that help is never far away.


With the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPad, you get two full years of coverage from your date of purchase.  AppleCare protects customers from a variety of hardware and software issues.  Hardware support covers the iPad itself, the battery, and any other included components such as USB cables or power chargers.  Software and troubleshooting assistance helps users with issues related to iTunes, wireless network connections, email functions, and any other Apple-branded software.  Under the Protection Plan, 100% of labor costs, parts, and technical support.

Customer Opinions

Customers consistently report a high level of satisfaction with the support they receive through the AppleCare Protection Plan.  Unlike insurance plans for other electronic equipment, AppleCare is a fully integrated system which covers all aspects of the product – providing Protection Plan holders with unusually robust and comprehensive service.  Telephone support staff are generally friendly and knowledgeable about most software issues, making troubleshooting easy.  In addition, the process for repair or replacement is easier than for many other competing electronics manufacturers.  Simply drop your iPad off at your nearest Apple store!  For most issues, the turnaround time for repairs is less than a week

Pricing Details

Great protection for your iPad doesn’t have to be expensive.  A special page that will open for you offers great discounts that can save you money on the AppleCare Protection Plan for your iPad.

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