Review – Your New Aid to Cheaper Business Communication Review Review FreeBusiness is all about communication and interaction. No business (offline or online) can run without having effective means of communication and phones are definitely one of those indispensable tools.

My business is online but I have to deal with clients who are based all around the globe. While other means of communication like emails, online meeting programs etc help a lot, there are certain situations where I have to rely on the phone to get my message across.

Needless to say, using a traditional phone was skyrocketing my phone bill and I desperately wanted a more cheaper option. That is when I was introduced to Phonebooth. My phone bills have reduced drastically and I am one happy Phonebooth customer now. I am sure you want me to share more details about this wonderful program, so here it is!


Phonebooth is a cloud based VOIP phone system for businesses based in USA and is growing rapidly to reach the topmost providers in this nation. It is not just a phone because it does so much more than a conventional phone or VOIP. For instance, you will enjoy awesome features like conversion of  voicemail to text, auto-attendant, call routing to any compatible smart phone etc and so much more.

How Does Phonebooth Work?

Though Phonebooth is a VOIP based system, it is much more efficient than a routine VOIP service provider as it makes use of its own network to route the calls. This offers Phonebooth total control over the sound quality and network availability making it highly conducive to fast, cheap calls with high definition sound quality.

Phonebooth allows unlimited calls per month from USA to any other country or any State within the nation. As of now this service is available only in the United States but the users can make or receive calls to any country in the world.

For $20 per month a single user receives 2 free phone numbers and is free to make or receive unlimited calls, unlimited auto-attendants, unlimited conference calls and so on.

Brilliant Features in Addition to Conventional Phone

While a traditional phone can only make or receive phone calls, Phonebooth comes with a host of other additional features. Let us take a quick look at each one, one after another.

Read Your Voicemail Messages

This feature allows you to save an enormous amount of time that would be otherwise spent in trying to access messages on your voicemail. This feature allows you to read through all the messages at leisure when you are free and you can read all messages together. Research shows that it takes far lesser amount of time in reading a message than in hearing it via voicemail. Anyone who has used a voicemail service will know what I am talking about. How many buttons do you have to press before you can finally get to that 3 second message saying: Hi this Jack, call me when you get this?

Phonebooth makes this simple by transcription of the audio file and sending it to your mail inbox as a text message. In order to maintain clarity, an audio file is also attached to your mail in case you want to get first hand confirmation about the contents of the audio.

Unlimited Auto-attendants at Your Beck and Call

Imagine how polished and professional your business comes across to your clients when they get greeted by an automated phone attendant? With Phonebooth, you can set unlimited number of virtual phone attendants who will greet your clients and then direct them to the desired extension number on pressing the relevant predetermined number.

Follow Me” Call Routing

Even if you are not in your office, you can still receive calls made to your Phonebooth with the follow me call routing services that lets you route the calls to any compatible smart phone, telephone or even to 2 different numbers simultaneously.

Conference Calling

You can choose to make unlimited conference calls between 2 numbers and the sessions can be password protected as well.


There are no contract charges, no monthly charges or additional fees with Phonebooth. You need to pay just $ 20 per month to avail of all the unlimited features mentioned above.


Phonebooth customers are excited to reveal about the huge savings they have made on their monthly phone bills after switching to this service. They cannot stop raving about the high definition sound quality and the impeccable clarity of the calls


The best part is that customer support is provided round the clock throughout the year. Any problems that you may run into can be solved by calling up on their 24 X7 phone support or contact them via their chat or mail.


Phonebooth is an intuitive VOIP business phone designed to reduce your phone expenses and let you enjoy many awesome features as well. The only disadvantage is that it is limited to US residents as of now.