3 Phone Cleaner Apps to Help You Boost Your Smartphone’s Performance

Phone Cleaner App

Every time you’re opening a new application on your smartphone device, it uses a significance amount of memory, drains the battery and slows down its performance.

Especially apps like Facebook, Instagram or games that need extra memory to display pictures, videos or motion keep data in cache for faster data loading.

Here are the best phone cleaner apps you can find and download for android or iPhone users, to help you boost your smartphone’s performance instantly!

1. Clean Master 

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2. Battery Doctor

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3. Cleaner – Memory & Cache Manager

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Tips & Tricks

If you want to keep your phone in good performance you have to manage and know which applications are running, delete cookies and cache from browsers and applications, often backup your images / videos and delete them from your phone, try to save more data in extra storage micro sd cards if any and keep your internal memory at least 25%-30% empty.

Backup your phone’s data with online storage software or sync it with iTunes if it’s an iPhone. For Android users you can connect your device with your PC and copy / paste all data into a preferable folder in your computer. Click here for more information.

For security reasons you can install Avast, Lookout or TrustGo Antivirus programs to help you protect your valuable information from being stolen or being corrupted.