I Love the PD+Rescue for iPod Win/Mac. It Saved My Tunes – Read Why!

I Always Click “Later”

I have tons of music on my computer from iTunes. Often, after I download something new, a helpful popup asks if I wish to back up my purchases. At first, I didn’t bother, because I didn’t have that much content and I figured there wasn’t a lot of risk. By the time I clicked “Back up my purchases”, the system informed me that I would need more than 20 disks and it would take several hours. I bought the disks and started the process, only to have it lock up after the first disk. After 3 attempts, I gave up and just clicked “Later” when the popup showed up on my screen. You can probably guess what happened.


My hard drive crashed and my ability to access my music and playlists vanished. I thought that once I connected my iPod to a new computer everything would just transfer, but the computer wouldn’t allow me to move my music between my iPod and computer – in either direction. Of course, I called Apple first, but they offered no solutions other than restoring my iPod to its factory settings, losing everything. That’s when I did some research and came up with PD+Rescue. Within 15 minutes, all of my songs were backed up on my new computer and I could use my iPod effectively again. When I consider that I would have lost over $1000 in music, I am so glad I found this solution.

System Requirements

PD+Rescue has versions for both Macintosh and Windows systems. For Mac, OS X v10.3.9 or later is necessary, with Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later recommended. A 1GHz G4 processor or better with at least 512MB RAM – 1GB RAM is recommended. A working connection to an iPod is needed. iPod Software v1.2 or higher, Quicktime v7.2 or higher, and iTunes v7.4.2 or higher are all recommended for Mac.

Windows requirements include Windows 7, Vista, or XP operating systems with the latest service packs. 1GHz Pentium processor (or better) with at least 512MB RAM – 1GB RAM is recommended. An iPod with working connection is required. iPod Software v1.2 or higher, Quicktime v7.2 or higher, and iTunes v7.4.2 or higher are recommended for Windows.

Features of PD+Rescue

This software package works with all iPod models, including iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad. It allows forcing or blocking of iPod updates. The easy-to-use program allows users to add songs directly to iTunes, play songs directly from the iPod, recover songs from a damaged database, and recover song ratings and info. PD+Rescue has support for playlists and copies and backs up content quickly and easily for multiple iPods. The program also contains support for audible.com and songs purchased from the iTunes music store.

Key Features

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about PD+Rescue is that it easily links your computer to your iPod. Songs are transferred and backed up so that they can be transferred simply. It is compatible with all iPod file formats and devices and can even recover songs from damaged databases.

Customer Reviews

Many people have used PD+Rescue and left feedback online. The software has an overall average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Most users reported that the program worked swiftly, easily, and was incredibly useful in restoring their music.

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