Running Windows and Mac OS at the Same Time with Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac!

Parallels PC MAC

Parallels PC MACThe definition of parallel, according to, is: corresponding; similar; analogous. It makes sense then, that the software for using Windows in tandem with Mac operating systems is called Parallels.

Virtual Inconvenience

Mac users know the pain involved with dealing with MS Windows application on your Mac. You have endured the inconvenience of virtualization and dual booting to keep Mac OSX running while working with Windows. Most alternatives for accomplishing this are cumbersome and complicated.

Enter Parallels

Right from the download, Parallels is simple. Visit the website, download the trial, click the installer, and let it do the work. The program autostarts after download. Parallel integrates right into the DockBar with a Windows Start Menu icon when running in Coherence mode. Clicking the icon will open the usual Windows menu and allow users to access applications. The applications will also appear in the dockbar for easy, fast movement between Internet, Windows, and Mac applications.

Virtually Simple

The seamless integration is simple and intuitive; users will need very little instruction in its use. Aero in Vista and Windows 7 are both supported. This should make some gamers very happy. Parallels also supports Multitouch, allowing users to use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out of web pages as well as the two fingered scroll to navigate. Shared Folders are not necessary as users can drag and drop files between Finder and Windows Explorer.

What’s the Difference?

The bottom line is that it is important to find solutions that are good and reliable. They don’t have to be expensive to be great. Parallels will help users run applications faster without emptying their wallets.

Open Windows

Parallels Desktop will even help you upgrade to Windows 7! It will help you move all of your programs, files, settings, and media easily, safely, and quickly. The software even offers Windows 7 tutorials, so you can learn how to use the latest updates. This software can be used to either upgrade an existing computer or to help you move everything from an older computer to a new Windows 7 computer.

Let Parallels Do the Work

Sit back, relax and let Parallels handle your Windows needs and upgrades. Why get stressed over finding compatible programs and managing upgrades? Parallels will do all the work for you.