Parallels Desktop 6 Review


If you use a Mac but need to run Windows programs, or want to switch from PC to Mac, but don’t want to give up some of your programs, Parallels Desktop is the software you need to run Windows programs on your Mac. Your Windows apps will run headache-free on your Mac, without having to reboot every time you want to run Windows. If you’re moving to a Mac, you can install Windows on your Mac with only 3 clicks and simply move your whole PC to your Mac. And if you simply need access to PC apps but don’t want to use a PC, you can make Windows look and feel like a Mac and run Windows and Mac apps side by side. You can also access your Mac or Windows data from an external USB device, or remotely access either Mac or Windows with the iPhone/iPad app, Parallels Mobile.

Best Features

1. No Reboot: Switch easily from Mac to Windows without rebooting, as often as you need to. Parallels Desktop won’t slow you down just because you need to work on two platforms.

2. 64-Bit Engine: Parallels Desktop’s new 64-bit engine lets you take full advantage of your 64-bit Mac and work at the fastest speeds available to you.

3. Faster Speed: Parallels Desktop 6 boots Windows 41% faster than Parallels Desktop 5, and runs 3D graphics nearly 40% graphics faster

4. Mobile Parallels App: Control your Windows apps on your Mac through your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Customer Opinions:

Satisfied customers comment that Parallels Desktop 6 runs many different versions of Windows without complaint, in fact more than VMWare, and that it runs faster than VMWare. Many users found Parallels Desktop 6 extremely easy to use. One of the most common compliments was that many users who had previously used VMWare found it “better than” or “much better than” VMWare, and highly recommended Parallels Desktop 6. One user stated that it installed, and works, “flawlessly.” Another positive comment was that while one program repeatedly causes a time lag when it runs on Parallels Desktop 6, Parallels offers a warning (which can be turned off) of this time lag.


Parallels Desktop 6 is priced at $79.99 retail. Amazon carries it new for $52.82. Other vendors on Amazon carry it for as low as $55 new or $50 new.