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How does Mozy compare with other information storage solutions?

One of the main barriers between us and the safeguarding of our information is the lack of motivation to act. It is not usually until something happens to make us take a decision to safeguard our information, that we make the jump in to backing up our data. In fact, only two percent of PC users get around to regularly backing up their data.

Unfortunately, the catalyst for change is usually the loss of some of our important documents, through corruption of files, damage to a hard drive or accidental deletion. This means that most of us learn the hard way! I’m posting my views on Mozy in the hope that I can encourage you to store your important documents before possible disaster strikes!

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What’s the best way to backup your data?

How are you supposed to know what storage solution to choose, when it comes to backing up your personal information? I’ve been through the process myself, so I understand how confusing it can be when you’re expected to weigh up all the different options. Ultimately, the decision you make will be based on what your personal requirements are. To help you with decision-making process, I’ve outlined some of the things to think about when you are choosing between online storage and traditional back up services.

Traditionally, professionals have stored their data on CDs, DVDs, Hard drives, flash drives or their servers (at home or work). There is now a new option available – online storage. The following compares each of the options to support you in making an informed decision about your own individual needs.

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