One.Com Cloud Drive Service Review: Your Perfect Business Partner to a research conducted by, one out of every two Europeans uses online cloud storage or data security services. This statistic when compared with the last few years numbers revealed incredible differences.

The increasing percentage of cyber crimes and data thefts has led to a sudden demand of data security and backup services. These statistics made us think about our important and confidential data and how easily it can be accessed by hackers.

We started looking for some reliable cloud storage companies and came across Cloud Drive. We were hesitant at first, but the excellent reviews and customer testimonials led us to give it a try.

Well, let us tell you that online storage turned out to be a very good decision on our part. Here is a brief overview of its features that we found most impressive. Keep reading and make the right decision for your business.

Why One.Com? has lots to offer in terms of file storage and security. Documents, presentations, accounts, pictures and even videos, it brings all your data at one place. Now, you don’t have to carry your laptop everywhere.

Apart from the file storage and backup facilities, offers numerous other facilities that make it stand apart from others in the same industry. Here is a brief description of few things from their uncountable facilities.

Easy To Use

The most attractive feature about the Cloud Drive is that it provides intuitive navigation and easy to use interface. Just a couple of clicks to install the application and it will guide you with the rest of procedure.

You will find this software in the app store of your Android or iOS device. Install it and mark the data or drives that you want to secure. Your work is done here. It does not require any maintenance or upgrades on your part. Cloud Drive will keep running in the background and will secure all your documents, pictures and every other important information.

Business On-The-Go Cloud Drive allows unlimited mobile access. Now you can enjoy your favorite music while working in the car, during vacations, at your friend’s place and every other place that you could possibly visit.

Data Encryption and Security

Data security is the main reason for you to pay for the Cloud Drive. makes sure that your hard earned money is worth the services. To ensure maximum security, saves your data at two different server locations.

These two data replication centers are secured with dark fibers and firewalls. In case one server crashes, data is immediately retrieved from the other one. Moreover, all the data transfers are encrypted and secured via SSL connections.

Recover the Lost Files

Now you don’t have to worry about your valuable files being lost. The two data centers enable you to instantly recover the corrupted or deleted files.

Customer Reviews

These are some of the reviews that led us to try the Cloud Drive. has a vast client base with customers in every industry and almost all parts of the world. One customer from the webmail industry said that they registered themselves with the cloud storage services two years back and is very happy with its easy to use interface and quick service.

Another client appreciated the reliable up-time of the company. He wrote a review saying that the server never goes down or even gets slow. The unlimited mobile access is another factor that has contributed to its huge customer portfolio.

Summing Up

Whether it is business or pleasure, serves as a perfect companion in every walk of life. The online backup and automatic sync enables you to access your work related data everywhere.

Moreover, the file management system built in the Cloud Drive allows you to share music and videos instantly. Now you don’t have to worry about your work even on holidays. Stay updated with office news, keep in touch with your loved ones, share your holidays with them electronically and enjoy your vacations, all at the same time. All in ‘One’ account.

Download Cloud Drive Here