Nexus 4 (Jelly Bean 4.3) vs New iPhone (iOS7): Buy Now or Wait?

ios7 best featuresWith Android updating their operating system to Jelly Bean 4.3 and the anticipated arrival of the iOS7, you are guaranteed better performance from both the Nexus 4 and the New iPhone.

Although they use different technologies, the choice lies in personal preference. They both offer an exciting array of new features; but how much are you willing to pay for the latest? Would you buy the Nexus 4 which can be instantly updated with Jelly Bean 4.3 or would you rather wait for the release of the New iPhone with iOS7?

Best Jelly Bean 4.3 Features

1. Android Beam

You can easily share anything on your screen with other Android devices. Contacts, web pages, directions, videos, photos, applications and more can be beamed to another phone. Just touch them back-to-back and tap the beam feature for instant sharing among friends and colleagues.

2. Built-in Security Protection

Each application is isolated from others in a secure space. Downloaded apps will automatically be scanned for viruses and checked against Google’s database. You can confidently browse the internet and install applications safely due to encrypted multi-layer security.

3. Wireless Display

You can stream movies, videos and more from your Nexus 4 screen and project them onto your big screen television for the best viewing experience. It works with HDTV’s that support Miracast and is a great wireless display feature that can be used for business presentations as well.

4. Widgets

Home screen customization includes any widgets you wish to have quick access to. As you add more to your screen, everything will automatically move to make space for them. If there are too many, then they will resize themselves to fit your screen.

5. Google Now

Before you ask it to, Google Now will find the information you require. You will know the weather before you get dressed for the day. If you are standing on a train platform, it will automatically tell you which trains are arriving. It can be set to monitor whatever you want it to.

6. Photo Sphere

The days of not being able to fit everything into a photo are gone. Photo Sphere allows you to take photos of a wide panorama, and it works regardless of which direction you move your phone. It will capture an image that begins when you start it and ends when you stop.

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Best ios7 Features

1. Control Centre

It is now much easier to control the things that you need, as you need them. A simple swipe of the screen will give you control options to disable or enable Airplane mode, use Bluetooth, activate Wi-Fi, lock your screen, adjust brightness, play songs and much more.

2. Multitasking

Switching between applications just got easier. Multitasking will even learn your routine and update content before you require it; ensuring your feeds are already waiting for you. To see your applications, double press the Home Button. Swipe them upwards if you wish to close them.

3. Camera

Options for photo formats are now on your screen; including panorama, still, video and square. A single swipe will capture an image the way you want it to, and there are filters that will allow you artistic license. You can choose black and white, fiddle with the contrast or opt for retro.

4. AirDrop

A simple Share button will allow you easily and quickly share anything you want with another iOS7 device. This includes contacts, files, web pages, videos, photos, calendar entries and anything from any application. Just tap Share and choose the person you want to send it to.

5. Safari

Designed to enhance productivity, Safari makes more space for web content on your screen. It hides functions such as search fields until you need them. When you do, just swipe the screen and they will appear. You can go backwards and forwards between pages by swiping as well

6. Find My iPhone

If you lose your phone, a deactivation will instantly lock it and display a message telling the finder to call you, even after it has been erased. Your phone will be useless to anyone with malicious intent because it cannot be unlocked without your information. If you find it after erasing it, you can easily reactivate it with your I.D. and password.

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Design Comparison

iPhone 5

The New iPhone is not out yet (coming out this fall) so for the moment we can only compare the current version (iPhone 5) which is sleeker, thin, elegant, lighter and made of metal and glass. It is easily distinguishable from previous versions, improved in design and performance (iPhone 5 Specs).

The iSight camera gives you outstanding color quality and 1080p video quality. The four inch widescreen multi-touch display is further enhanced by even better pixel resolution (326 ppi). We would like to see a similar (in quality) or a better design on the New iPhone but most speculations are about improving the performance instead of making huge changes in the design. Click here for Unboxing and Full Review.

Apple iPhone 5 White

Nexus 4

Made of corning gorilla glass 2, the Nexus 4 offers a 4.7” screen with great pixel resolution (320 ppi). The headphone jack is located at the top, the camera at the back, the volume on the right side and the USB connector at the bottom.

The design of the phone is smooth with a polished finish and it is larger, seamless and more lightweight. Textured sides provide a comfortable hand-fit and a secure grip. Click here for Unboxing and Full Review.

nexus 4 comparison


The Nexus 4 (priced at $388 on is undoubtedly more cost-effective than the iPhone 5 (priced at $692 on but we don’t know yet the New iPhone prices (either it is the continuation of iPhone 5 or a low-cost plastic iPhone).

Apple is manufacturing a plastic new model (low-cost plastic iPhone) that will be far cheaper than its other models and may be an affordable solution. (Click here for more information)


Both phones and its operating systems are exceptional devices, fast, reliable, offering the latest in smartphone technology. So what choice will you make and why? Would you buy Nexus 4 or wait for the New iPhone with iOS7? Leave us a comment and let us know.