Nextiva Cloud Based Phone Service Review: Business Just a Click Away

nextiva-cloud-based-telephonyRevolutionizing the way small business owners handle their communication, Nextiva aspires to make communication simpler and much more effective, whether it is within the organization or communication with the larger target audience.

Communication is the backbone of any business and has a huge role to play for small businesses to flourish and establish a name in the market.

For a smart communication strategy, it is highly important that it allows the communication to flow flawlessly between the organization and its clients or target audience. Nextiva, which is set to keep things simple, accomplishes this feat without adding to the obstacles that might be there in the way of your prosperous business venture.

It not only allows you access to convenient communication while you are at work, you can easily carry out your business activities on the go wherever you are. Its accessibility and adaptability makes it a popular choice among small business owners.

Nextiva boosts its own operating system called NextOS so you will never have to worry about your phone or other communication devices not supporting the system. The company offers the best cloud telephony services that allow unmatched communication features to small businesses.

Why Prefer Nextiva?

Every business owner has their own way of handling things and their requirements may differ on various grounds. Being specifically designed, keeping the needs of small business owners in mind, Nextiva offers a decent range of services which are sure to take care of the requirements that you may have in mind.

It is the range of cloud computing solutions that makes Nextiva offer the best cloud telephony services. Making use of the cloud technology the company allows you to carry out your business activities on the go, making you the efficient business owner who keeps up with everything through smart communication strategies.

Here is a description of the products and services that Nextiva offers. You can have your pick according to your preferences:

VoIP for Business

Never lose a business opportunity in case of any missed calls as it makes you reach your calls even when you are away from work. It not only increases the productivity of your business, Nextiva is also extremely affordable and it will help you cut down the cost of communication by about 50%.

VoIP gives you an opportunity to keep growing while you save money on expanding it further.

Call Center Plans

Nextiva’s call center plans can provide assistance to a wide range of call center activities from customer care services to large teams that provide assistance to the entire business in a number of complex ways. Nextiva can prove to be a dependable VoIP for business as it has a wide range of accessible activities to offer which will improve your communication within the company and with clients as well.

PBX/SIP Trunking

Nextiva’s SIP Trunking feature will help your organization stay focused on the business by filtering business calls from distractions. It does not matter whether you have a legacy system or an IP-based system. It will deliver high quality sound as it supports almost any PBX. Other features of SIP Trunking include caller identification, call blocking and call retrieval.

What makes Nextiva the best cloud telephony service is that you can keep using the same phones which will save you a lot of hassle and cost of replacing the phones.

vFax Nextiva

With Nextiva, you can become the smart businessman you always wanted to be. With its vFax service, you can send and receive your faxes on the go through your e-mail or mobile phones. Because of its cloud computing solutions, all you need to have is access to a decent internet connection which makes it cost-effective and hassle-free.

With this environmental friendly device, you will never miss a fax or experience paper-jams, system errors or any other distraction. Nextiva is surely the best cloud telephony service which will make your business go in the right direction by enhancing its productivity and efficiency.

Benefits of Opting for Nextiva

Following are the top features to enhance your organization’s productivity:


Organizations that have switched to Nextiva as the medium of communication have been observed to experience more than 50% of their communication cost. Its cost-effective nature makes Nextiva a very reliable VoIP for business ventures.

Number One Communications Platform

1,500 engineers have collaborated in devising this ingenious medium of communication for small business organizations. It also supports other global telecommunication networks such as SwissCom, Korea Telecomm, SingTel and Telstra.

Nextiva for All

It has been designed keeping in view the communication needs of a wide range of industries, such as construction, consulting firms, legal practices, hospitality, education, health care, real estate and so on.

Improvements and Innovations

Nextiva is an intelligent VoIP for business ventures that continues to improve its features to allow flawless communication within an organization and its target audience. Nextiva service providers value you as a customer and guarantee a service quality that will help your business flourish by taking care of all your communication issues.

With Nextiva Use Your Existing Phone System

When you switch to Nextiva, you do not necessarily need to replace all your business phones. This communication service can be set up using any unlocked SIP phone system.

HD Voice Quality

Make your organization stand out with an amazing voice quality. One of its prominent features that make it one of the best cloud telephony services is the high definition voice quality it offers.

Easy Connectivity 

Never miss another call, fax or e-mail with Nextiva. With its top-notch cloud computing solutions, you can easily get all of these on your mobile phones with an Internet connection. Nextiva is set to change the face of business communications.

Easy to Set Up

Your Nextiva VoIP for business can be set up easily, without the need for expert services, and you can start using it immediately.

No Hidden Charges

Another thing that makes Nextiva one of the best cloud telephony services is that there are no hidden charges involved and customers always know everything about the service that they are paying for. Also, you can cancel the contract anytime you want.

Customer Testimonials

Clients involved in various small businesses find Nextiva a highly dependable VoIP for businesses because they seem to have found a reliable way to carry out their business communication.

Users report that they have not missed out on a business opportunity with Nextiva which filters business calls from other distractive calls resulting in increased efficiency of the organization.

Also, the cloud computing solutions are another plus with which business owners can access their fax, e-mails and phone calls away from work. Its user friendly features, coupled with outstanding customer services, make Nextiva one of the best cloud telephony services so far.

Where Can I Find More Information?

You can find more information on Nextiva official website.


The company aspires to provide small businesses with effective and affordable communication services through its cloud computing services that make small businesses enjoy features similar to big business enterprises.

Hardworking and committed team members driven with a ‘must win’ attitude strive to design simple yet high-tech means of communications for small businesses to boost their productivity and efficiency.