New Collection of Stickers for Viber App – Share your Thoughts with one Click

Viber-App-New-Stickers-MarketViber is one of the most popular applications for mobile devices that offer free calls, free text, free pictures and video sharing between any smartphone device that supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Bada or Nokia operating systems.

Besides some new features, like “hold & talk” or “Send Doodle” that comes in Version 4.0, Viber also offers new stickers and you can find them in the application’s new sticker market.

Some sticker packages are free to download and some other are priced at $1.99 but it’s totally up to you if you’ll decide spending money for them or just download the free ones!

Free Stickers

1. Mayo the cat

Free Stickers Viber Mayo















2. Blu

Free Stickers Viber Blu















3. Violet

Free Stickers Viber Violet















4. Freddie The Fox

Free Stickers Viber Freddie The Fox















5. Rudy

Free Stickers Viber Rudy















6. Hands

Free Stickers Viber Hands















7. Hola!

Free Stickers Viber Hola















Paid Stickers

1. Young Love

Free Stickers Viber Young Love















2. The Powerpuff Girls

Free Stickers Viber The Powerpuff Girls















3. Zoe

Free Stickers Viber Zoe















4. Adventure Time

Free Stickers Viber Adventure Times















5. Sashi and Sabi

Free Stickers Viber Sashi and Sabi















6. Girl’s Day Out

Free Stickers Viber Girl's Out















7. Viber Zoo

Free Stickers Viber Zoo















New Features in Version 4.0

– Hold and Talk
– Send Doodle
– Over 300 New Stickers
– Android Tablet Support
– Full Synchronization between devices
– Viber Out (Paid Calling to local or mobile phones)

Download Viber Desktop

Now you can have Viber on your desktop. Just download Viber for Windows or Mac and install the application on your computer. It’s very easy to use but remember that first you have to download and install the app on your mobile device.

With the desktop version you can chat with your family and friends, send stickers and “doodles” and make quality-HD regular or video calls anywhere in the world for FREE!

Viber Support

If you have issues with the desktop or mobile application, you can contact Viber’s support team or visit their “help me” page here.