My Review of CrazyTalk 6 Standard and Pricing Details


CrazyTalk 6 Standard lets you take your image (or an image of anyone) and turn it into a talking head—an avatar. This is great if you want to put a talking “host” on your website, or if you just want to create little talking people for fun. It’s a cool little software program that does something nifty and creative, and creates 2D or 3D animations from images you upload.

Best Features

1. Animate Photos: If you have a webcam, you can snap a photo of yourself to animate, or animate from a still photo. You can animate cartoon characters as well, but the cool thing is creating animated photos.

2. Manipulate Camera with Voice: Coordinate action and voice to make the animation more lifelike and dynamic.

3. Online Video Tutorials: While CrazyTalk 6 Standard is easy to use, video tutorials help you figure out all the bells and whistles and get up and going quickly.

4. Multiple Export Formats: Export for YouTube, Flash websites or emailing, as well as a higher-resolution format for saving to your computer.

Customer Opinions

Satisfied customers find CrazyTalk 6 Standard to be easy to use and fun to play with. The general consensus is that while CrazyTalk 6 Standard is great for beginners because it takes the “heavy lifting” out of animation, it also has enough options and advanced settings that users with more experience will enjoy using it and find it meets their more demanding needs. Users found it great for creating avatars for websites and just for playing and having a great time with animation, whether they were newbies or more advanced users.


Amazon sells CrazyTalk 6 Standard with Prime shipping options, through a third-party Amazon Marketplace vendor, for $49.95.