My Review of Anime Studio Debut 8 and Pricing Details


Anime Studio Debut 8 is for anyone who wants to create animations but is not a professional animator. Whether you have no experience at all with animation, or you’re a digital artist, or in-between—someone who draws as a hobby but doesn’t really consider themselves an animator. Anime Studio makes animation easy by allowing you to create content and characters, import ready-made content from its library, or even import your own sketches and animate them. And by attaching bones to your characters and manipulating those bones, you can easily animate your characters, rather than doing the frame-by-frame animation you may expect (and fear). The goal of Anime Studio Debut is to make animation fun and easy, no matter how little experience you have.

Best Features

1. Character Wizard: The new character wizard allows you to quickly and easily build unique characters for your animation, and even attach headshots of your friends (or yourself) to mimic the animation style of

2. Ready-to-Use Content: Anime Studio Debut 8 comes with hundreds of pieces of content, including characters, props, scenes, and more so that you can create animations right from the beginning using the items in the content library.

3. Upload Directly to Facebook and YouTube: Share your creations on Facebook and YouTube right from Anime Studio Debut; no need for complicated export routines. It couldn’t be simpler.

Customer Opinions

Anime Studio Debut seems to have gathered quite a pool of customers and fans that enjoy the incredibly easy process of turning their imaginations into animated characters. Now available in a new version, Anime Studio Debut 8, it comes with several features which many customers were thrilled about. From the Character Wizard with which some customers created JibJab-styled animations to the ready click-and-add contents that help define characters, scenes and more, many customers, especially the existing users, expressed their satisfaction with the upgrade.

Despite the above, the ability to upload and share created animations directly to Facebook and YouTube seemed to be of the most value to customers. While professionals love the system and its simplified animation creation features, first-time users were happy for the fun they found in turning out professional looking animations to share with friends and colleagues – thereby practicing towards perfection.


Anime Studio Debut 8 retails for $49.99, but it’s always possible to find a better deal online. Amazon offers it new for $47.70 with Prime Shipping, and other vendors on Amazon offer it as low as $40.89 new.