Mozy Stash Review: Makes Backups a Cinch

mozy stash review

mozy stash reviewI remember when having a computer with two gigs of storage was considered a massive amount of memory. Now, sixteen years later, my computer has 500 gigs of memory, and that’s considered low, even for a newer laptop. How much things have changed, right?

Well they have changed even more, because hard disk capacity is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and for a good reason. When you consider it, physical drives have numerous disadvantages. Traditional physical drives (not SSD) are responsible for much of the power drain and heat in a computer.

Dropping or jarring the computer can corrupt the drive. Transferring data means constantly copying and pasting, copying and pasting… The list goes on and on. But with the addition of Mozy Stash to Mozy software, those worries are in the past.

What is Mozy Stash

Mozy recently rolled out its new service, Mozy Stash. This gives you all the advantages of cloud storage service without the need to schedule backups or, thankfully, that annoying cutting and pasting or uploading. After you install the software, your storage drive installs right on your desktop. When you want to put something on the massive Mozy servers, you just drag-and-drop.

When you want to update files already on the server when editing them, it couldn’t get any easier! It does it automatically! The really nice thing about Stash is that it comes with Mozy service, so there are no additional fees you have to fork out to take advantage of it. And you’ll certainly want to take advantage of it.

This service works by automatically uploading and updating files on your Mozy account, so you can edit a file on one computer and then access it on another without worrying copying and pasting, or deciding which is the most recent version you uploaded. In essence, this creates a single drive across many platforms. If you open and access the file on Stash, you won’t have to do any cutting-and-pasting to save your version. For me, trying to remember if I did or did not paste the latest file is a real pain.

Advantages of Stash

Mozy Stash has many advantages over competing versions. First off, it’s secure. It makes some users (me included) nervous uploading sensitive and personal data to a server. This software encrypts your data locally (before it even transfers) using 128-bit SSL, and you can use personal data keys for even more protection. Your personal data stays personal.

No matter how many home or work computers you have, this program syncs data across all of them, so you don’t have to constantly transfer files from one to the other. You know that USB drive you use all the time? Forget it. For me, that’s well worth the investment. More space than a USB and far more reliable.

Plans and Cost

There are many different plan levels for you to try, and all include the Mozy Stash service. For those who think it might sound too good to be true, there’s a free 2 GB plan available, so you can experience all the advantages of Mozy before you make the investment. Once you discover it is indispensible, then you can choose another plan.

The cost of the plan depends on the type. To use Stash, you must have either MozyHome, MozyPro or Mozy Enterprise. For those that want to simply backup files from their home PC or Mac, and won’t need the support of business users, then choose MozyHome. You can receive 50 GB of storage at $5.99 a month or 125 GB at $9.99 a month.

MozyPro offers the same secure storage as the Home version, but you have personalized customer support anytime of the day. They can also support the network drives for business, so they work with any local area network you already have. For MozyPro, there are many configurations available, depending on the number of computers as well as storage per computer. MozyEnterprise offers even more options and space, and allows you to create a storage hierarchy, controlling the accessibility of files by different users.

Worth the Cost

Sure, there are free cloud storage programs available, but I guarantee none offer the features and support of Mozy Stash. If you have ever been limited by storage capacity, security and are sick of bouncing around with a USB between computers (or if you are tired of emailing attachments), then this software is the perfect choice. 

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