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Anyone who runs a business knows that when employees have computer access for work, they are likely using their computers for things that are not work related. They may be web surfing, shopping online, instant messaging, sending and receiving personal emails, or even accessing adult web sites. Some employees could be leaking sensitive company information or printing sensitive documents. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to monitor employee’s computer use to ensure that they are using their work time effectively and that they are not inappropriately using company resources? That’s where Spector 360 comes in.

Prevent Abuse

With Spector 360, employers may increase productivity by reducing employee use of computers for inappropriate and non-work related activities. They will also be able to control web site access, prevent theft of company documents, detect the use of company computers for illegal activities, and monitor employee performance.

Instant Answers

Employers using Spector 360 can see the most frequently visited web sites and which employee spends the most time online; who is instant messaging and if is it work-related; what employees are using general email accounts to send company documents; who is playing online games during work hours; who is saving confidential content to flash drives or disks; who types the most… or the least; who gets to work late and who leaves early. In other words, Spector 360 can provide employers with incredibly detailed information about the computer usage of each employee in their company. Check out what could be in your tool box for monitoring computer use…

Tool Box

–  Email Recorder

The Email Recorder tool monitors all mail, sent and received, and stores it for later viewing. It also keeps copies of all deleted mail. This includes office mail and web mail such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and AOL. Filters may be set for key words, amounts of mail, account types, or formats.

–  Web Site Recorder

This tool monitors and records every web page that is opened on the computers within your company’s network. It records the URL and domain as well as tracking any downloads. You will be able to see details such as the length of the visit and how often the user has visited the site in question. You may then use the Control Center to create Whitelists of allowed sites or Blacklists of those sites to be blocked.

–  Online Search Recorder

The Online Search Recorder tool records search phrases used by employees as well as the results URL.

–  Chat/Instant Messaging Recorder

All IMs and chats will be recorded along with the names of the participants and a transcript of the conversation.

–  Keystroke Recorder

The keystroke logger monitors every key that was typed and who logged into the computer when the typing occurred. This helps to view productivity by employee, see what employees may need more training, and application usage.

–  Program Activity Recorder

Spector 360’s Program Activity Recorder tracks what programs are being used on all company computers. It tracks the day, time, and duration of use of each program.

–  Network Activity Recorder

Would you like to know who is using network bandwidth to view streaming media or download files? How about finding out who is using an application that puts your network at security risk? This tool records this information and allows employers to block access to certain ports and/or Internet domains.

 File Transferred Recorder

Unfortunately, some employees use work computers to download files that may contain viruses, spyware, or pirated content. In other instances, employees may use those computers to covertly send confidential company files out to others. Did you realize that your company could actually be at legal risk if an employee uses a company computer to illegally download copyrighted materials? Spector 360 monitors and tracks all HTTP, FTP, and P2P file transfers. Employers can observe who is downloading or uploading files, the types of files, the service used and the name and type of file.

–  Document Tracking Recorder

In the news, there are always stories about security leaks and the theft of Intellectual Property. The threat has become more intense with the ever evolving technology that allows for easy file copying. USB drives are especially easy to use when copying and transporting data from the company’s databases. The Document Tracking tool can track documents being exported onto another drive or burned to DVD or CD as well as those that are copied or printed.

–  SnapShot Recorder

This interesting tool actually takes “snapshots” of what is on an employee’s computer screen at intervals set by you. You will have incontrovertible evidence if an employee is using their time or your network inappropriately.

–  Other Tools

In addition to the tools outlined above, Spector 360 also records user inactivity, keyword detection of specified words or phrases, and customizable stealth, recording, security, and communication parameters.

Bottom Line

Spector 360 has a very comprehensive set of tools for monitoring every aspect of computer usage in a company. If you are concerned about how your employees are using their time or that they might be utilizing their computers inappropriately, this program will give you definitive proof of innocence or guilt.

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