Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Review & Best Price Info


With several versions of Windows 7 to choose from, why would you choose Windows 7 Ultimate? There are a few reasons. One would be that no one version does everything you want. Perhaps you want to use your PC for entertainment. Windows 7 Home Premium would seem like the operating system for you. But you also need the business capabilities of Windows 7 Professional. With Windows 7 Ultimate you don’t have to choose; you get entertainment and business. But the benefits don’t stop there. If you need to use the productivity programs you loved in Windows XP, simply run Windows 7 Ultimate in Windows XP mode. Work in any of 35 languages, as well, and switch easily between languages. And if security is a high priority, you’ll definitely want Windows Ultimate 7, with BitLocker built in to protect the data on your PC and portable devices.

Best Features

1. Jumplists: The improved taskbar is probably the best thing about Windows 7 Ultimate, making it not only the easiest-to-use Windows ever, but very intuitive in the most important way. Jumplists are one of those intuitive features, allowing you to open your regular files in only two mouse clicks.

2. Windows Search: Locate any file, of any type, right from the Start menu, quickly and easily.

3. HomeGroup: No more struggling to set up a local network. HomeGroup makes it quick and easy—only four clicks to set up your network and connect to all of the Windows 7 PCs on your home network.

4. Windows Live Mail: Manage multiple email accounts more easily and stop wrestling with your email.

5. Windows Live Family Safety: Easily set parental controls to manage who your child can communicate with and receive communication (including IMs) from and what they can see while online.

Customer Opinions:

Satisfied customers feel that Windows Ultimate 7 is more than just “Vista Done Right,” but actually brings to the table features we didn’t even know we needed. The favorite is the improved taskbar. One common compliment is that it feels and works like XP, but even better. Users found that Windows Ultimate 7 installed easily and ran faster and more smoothly than Windows 7. The general consensus is that it makes everything easier and runs any compatible software better, faster and more easily, and that it is well worth the upgrade from XP or Vista.


The list price for Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate is around $300.00, but significant discounts are available online. Amazon has it new for $272 with Prime shipping available, and other vendors on Amazon have it available new for as low as $265 or used for as low as $220.