Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Professional Edition Price & Review


Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Professional Edition is a suite of programming tools for developing software for Windows, according to Microsoft’s product information. Visual Studio 6.0 includes Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C++ 6.0, Visual J++ 6.0, Visual FoxPro 6.0 and Visual InterDev 6.0, the primary programming languages and tools needed for developing for the applicable Windows platforms. Because the tools come together in one suite, they are integrated and work well together, saving you the trouble of trying to cobble together solutions from unrelated tools.

Best Features

1. Complete Suite for Enterprise Development: Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 includes everything you need for business and website development on Windows platforms, in one integrated package that works smoothly right out of the box.

2. Visual Studio Installer: Write installation scripts for your applications and create a complete package.

3. Visual SourceSafe: Mange large projects by checking code in and out of development, protecting code automatically from check-in errors without headaches and without the need for another code management solution.

4. Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE): Freely distributable SQL server compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0—build distributed SQL server applications without purchasing SQL server.

Customer Opinions

Satisfied customers found Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Professional great for web development, and especially liked the database building functionality of FoxPro. Visual SourceSafe is popular with users who need to check code in and out of development, and the included Microsoft Data Engine has many fans who appreciate not having to purchase SQL server in order to build distributed SQL server applications. Microsoft Visual Studio includes all of the necessary tools for enterprise and web development.


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