SyncToy 2.1: Make Syncing as Easy as a Kid’s Toy

The growing complexity of consumer technology has altered the dynamics of conventional file sync and storage considerably. Every other week, the industry witnesses the launch of a new gadget, usually a smartphone or tablet. More and more people are queuing up to purchase a gadget for themselves. Though the purpose of these gadgets is to allow them to use the internet and communicate, they are used extensively for creating files.

The Problem

There are pictures, documents, music files, videos and whatnot stored on a device. Hence, there are different kinds of files. While there isn’t a dearth of storage space, the problems occur during synchronization. The system takes an eternity to sort through the different file types, particularly when you are creating copies. The two options available to users are to do it manually by dragging and dragging files across locations or using multiple applications.

Either way, it is a considerable hassle undertaken which wastes both time and energy. Not to mention the frustration and tension that occurs in case of data loss. This is where SyncToy 2.1 comes to your rescue. No longer do you have to do it manually or wait for extended periods of time for your files to sync between different folders.

The Solution

SyncToy is an effective tool you can use for syncing files between different folders. The most practical use of the tool is for creating a backup for all the data you have stored on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC. The program has been written to perfection which makes it simple for even beginners to make full of it from the get go. There are some customizable options as well to improve the usability for you.

There are several new features included in SyncToy 2.1 as well as some which have been upgraded from the previous version of the program.

  • Click and copy without much difficulty. Even customizing the user settings doesn’t affect the ease of use of the program.
  • Customization options to improve your experience of using SyncToy. Chop and change the settings according to your needs and requirements.
  • Handle multiple folders at the same time without any delays or decrease in speed. Folder tasks you can perform include
    1. Merging two or more folders into one
    2. Copying and creating a new folders
    3. Renaming and deleting files across multiple folders

In addition, SyncToy 2.1 also preserves the renaming history in case a user wants to use it in the future.

Download SyncToy 2.1 here

The Benefits

There are several great benefits of using SyncToy 2.1 which make it better than version 2.0.

–  Improved speed which enables you to perform file operations much quicker to save time and energy.

–  Enhanced error reporting and overall better resistance resulting in fewer errors over time and better performance.

–  Intricate file handling system which indicates the file at which the syncing stopped in case of an error.

–  Automatically configured file backup to ensure no data is lost during the transfer or synchronization.

–  It is available for free from the official Microsoft website. You can download and save it and start using it right away.

Also, a number of problems faced by users when using SyncToy 2.0 have been resolved, including

– Better compatibility with NAS drives. Previously, a bug was causing the files copied and synced to get corrupted when using NAS drives.

– Files can be uploaded without any problems to SharePoint. This feature has also been resolved in 2.0.

– Changes made in deletion are also saved. This feature can be turned on by setting the sync option to ‘Echo’.

– The time difference between UTC and the local time was causing problems with saving files. It has now been resolved.

Final Word

Without a doubt, SyncToy 2.1 is a helpful program regardless of the type of file you want to sync or create a backup for. It can save you a lot of time and hassle and prevent loss of data. With the improved features and no bugs, there is no reason why you shouldn’t download it. If you are using a smartphone, tablet, digital camera, MP3 player or any other device which you connect to the computer regularly, get SyncToy 2.1 now. It will prove to be very useful.