Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 Pros & Cons

Where Are We Going?

Let’s face it, planning a trip is difficult. Choosing a location, finding accommodations, booking hotels, packing, and getting everything and everyone in the car and on the road can be frustrating and time consuming. There is one aspect of trip planning that doesn’t have to be problematic: planning a route.

The Old Way

You might think that planning the route for your road trip will include large, wrinkled maps that are impossible to refold or thick booklets from auto agencies with heavily highlighted passages that seem to contradict themselves from page to page. Nope. Welcome to the age of technology.

The New Way

All you need is Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010. The software includes updated maps for the United States and Canada. The route-planning options allow you to plan your itinerary in great detail and even send it to your GPS if you have one!

Features on the Streets

The software, available either on CD or via download, lists tons of handy features for travelers. In addition to access to updated maps and the ability to send your route to your GPS, Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 also allows users to share itineraries with friends and family, get up-to-date construction information so you can avoid annoying delays, and even personalize your maps with notes of planned stops. Multiple destinations and fuel stops may be added and more than 1.7 million points of interest are included.

Is New Always Better?

The latest version of this well-known software claims many features and benefits. But, as with any product, potential customers should weigh the pros, cons, and feedback from other customers before purchase.

Pros and Cons of Streets & Trips


  • Updated maps
  • Create custom routes
  • Construction information and updates
  • GPS integration
  • Multiple destination routing
  • Text to speech option for use on laptop
  • Easy to update from earlier versions
  • Color coded pushpin option to save multiple sites


  • Unreliable GPS reception
  • Points of Interest data is limited
  • Interface not visually appealing
  • If not connecting to a GPS, clumsy to use with laptop/netbook in vehicle
  • Licensing issues only allow installation on only one system
  • Some users have had difficulties installing the software
  • Preferences, i.e. “no interstates”, do not always work
  • Campgrounds not included in places of interest
  • Interface may be difficult for less experienced computer users
  • Cannot add dates/check for events that may cause traffic issues
  • Microsoft has a history of poor responses to customer complaints

Bottom Line

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 is an updated version of the popular trip planning software. Potential buyers should carefully check the system requirements with their existing computer systems to ensure compatibility. Another tip for potential buyers is to check if your current GPS unit is MS Streets & Trips compatible. Some units are not supported by this software. Current users have expressed dismay at the usefulness of an upgrade from a previous version, saying that there is simply not enough new information to justify the upgrade cost. The limitation of only being able to use the software on one system is a minus as well. Overall, the software may be useful, but it surely has its issues.

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