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Review of: Malwarebytes 3.0
John Mak
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On May 17, 2018
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Anti-Exploit software is one of the best internet security software in the market. Download a free trial to explore on your own.

Malwarebytes Coupon 2018

Recently I became a big fan of this amazing anti-malware program that removed malware from my computer I couldn’t identify with other antivirus software, but first let me show you these amazing Malwarebytes coupons that will literally save you tons of money if you own more than one device in your house or office!

Malwarebytes My Story

This review might save you from big trouble! My family and I use a home PC to connect to the internet. The majority of PC users install antivirus software so they feel safer when browsing the internet. You can find this type of software for free or pay an annual subscription of $30-$80 to protect against viruses and other threats.

Here’s the thing though. Free antivirus doesn’t protect you 100% from any online threat. The features provided in a free edition are limited. That’s why most companies want you to buy their subscription so you can unlock all features and activate the full potential of their product.

A few weeks ago, I was facing a malfunction while I was using Google chrome. In the search results, when I was hovering with the mouse on a specific result I wanted to click, a new tab window was opening, completely different from the original link I wanted to open initially. With a second try, (after closing the tab) the proper link would open eventually.

I thought it was something wrong going on with the internet at that moment and decided to restart the computer. The same problem occurred. I was frustrated because I couldn’t work and be productive.

In Mozilla or Internet Explorer, Google search was working fine so I had to figure out what was the problem in Google Chrome. I went to Control Panel>Programs and uninstalled Chrome from my computer. I downloaded and installed it again. I also deleted all files and folders from the Program Files. Nothing! The problem was still there.

I downloaded two different internet security software with full features installed (Free trial version for a month, so I didn’t have to pay). Nothing happened. Both software couldn’t find any virus or malware on my computer.

I was really getting upset about this. It took me like a whole day to figure out what was the problem. After a thorough online search I came to a conclusion that the malware was so “intelligent” that whatever I was doing, it was hiding from me like we were playing hide and seek! I was also feeling insecure because this type of malware can steal your personal information, banking accounts, passwords or anything else that is valuable.

After quite a time and research I found It was recommended from CNET to be the best anti-malware software. I downloaded it and activated the premium trial which enables all features for a period of time. If you’re happy with the results then you can choose to buy the program.

It took a while to scan everything and found 18 malicious software including the one that was installed in Chrome and removed them all from my computer. What a relief. After so many hours I finally had the solution that I needed from the beginning!

Malwarebytes saved me and my personal information from hackers and other intruders that potentially can harm and infect our computers.

When the premium trial expired I purchased the software from their official website. It’s the best anti-malware software out there. You will definitely feel more secure than ever before!

Malwarebytes FAQ

Q: How to use Malwarebytes Coupon Code?

A: The company’s official website doesn’t issue promotional codes at the moment. You can find many deals at the top of this page and save up to 62% depending the subscription you choose and the number of devices you want to install Malwarebytes.


Q: What is Malwarebytes 3.0?

A: Read our Malwarebytes review. You can visit the official website for more details.


Q: Do I need also to buy Antivirus software?

A: No, you will only need to install the newest version of Malwarebytes.


Q: Does my computer support the newest version?

A: Most recent computer software can support the latest version. For more information check this page.


Q: How do I install the Premium version?

A: Click on this link and follow the 4 steps required.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Anti-Exploit software is one of the best internet security software in the market. Download a free trial to explore on your own.