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MacKeeper is a great utility software for macOS that has tools for cleaning, security, and optimization. Get 50% OFF with our exclusive MacKeeper coupon code!

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MacKeeper is an “18-in-1” software for macOS that comes with functionalities for cleaning the main memory, provide virus protection, and optimize the overall performance. While Mackeeper had its share of controversies in the market, many reviews concur that this application helps fixing problems such as slowness and the risk of crashing on macOS computers.

According to reviews carried out by, it is an excellent tool for cleaning spam and detect malware. Below is a list of top 5 benefits you can expect from this software:

1. Exclusive 50% off coupon code

Customers can download Mackeeper at discounted rates using our exclusive 50% off coupon (check on top of this page). At $3.06 per month (or $73.6 biannualy), users get a package that includes malware protection, data encryption, data recovery and backup and so many more utilities. The software also comes with anti-theft and a personal tech advisor.

Also, subscribers are provided a 24-hour support expert to ensure a seamless mac experience. Other prepaid plans include:

  • 12 months at $7.95 per month
  • 6 months at $9.94 per month
  • 1 month plan at $14.95

Each subscription comes with its conveniences. The Internet security and anti-theft features that go with the 18 months subscription make this the best option. Nonetheless, nine months, six months and basic plan subscribers still get to enjoy features like encryption, cleaning and data recovery. For an application with over eighteen functionalities in the same place, Mackeeper is comparatively inexpensive.

2. Human assistance

Mackeeper provides all subscribers a 24/7 professional support from certified Apple experts. This personal assistant feature is a problem solver for both minor glitches and major failures. The support specialists are usually on standby to assist in scanning and fixing dangerous items on your mac computer.

The professionals will explain every step you need to take to boost performance, secure your data or remove malware from your mac computer. This human touch is perhaps what places Mackeeper as one of a kind in the market

3. Cleaning

Mackeeper comes with a disk cleaner that deletes junk files to free up disk space. It has a finder application that scans your hard drive to find useless apps and redundant files. A user can then manually review the data and decide whether to delete or keep them. It can help you free up to over 2 GB of disk space on your mac computer.

The disk usage allows users to see what files are taking most space on the hard drive. For games and other heavy applications that tend to leave behind widgets, caches, logs, and plugins, the program has a smart uninstaller for removing such residue.

4. Optimization

If online reviews are anything to go by, Mackeeper can be relied upon when it comes to boosting performance on your mac computer. It has two important features that will help you take full control of your mac computer’s performance. These include the Update Tracker and the Login Items.

The Update Tracker helps to ensure that you are running the latest version of all applications on your mac computer. Application updates and upgrades are essential for both the security and performance of your computer. Mackeeper monitors every application on your mackintosh computer and marks them as up to date or out of date. It thus becomes easy to tell which application needs updating so that you can do it manually.

Login Items let you determine what applications can launch whenever you boot your machine. From here you can choose how quickly your computer starts up by allowing or disallowing some applications from starting when booting.

5. Privacy

Insecurity is ever increasing, and hackers and stalkers are always advancing their tactics. Even mac computers are prone to attacks and hacks, but the good news is that Mackeeper has an advanced data encryption that can help keep your data safe. This kind of encryption works by password protection; to hide a file you need to create a folder with a password. This password-protected folder is where you can protect sensitive content, your financial records or intellectual property.

Only users with the correct password are allowed to access your encrypted files and folders. With Mackeeper, encrypted files are invisible on the hard drive. Only one person can access those files from the application and by using the right password.


From the indisputable arguments above we see that Mackeeper can improve your mac computer’s performance, safety, and stability. Regardless of the negative trolling currently going on online, it is an application worth having.

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MacKeeper is a great utility software for macOS that has tools for cleaning, security, and optimization. Get 50% OFF with our exclusive MacKeeper coupon code!