My Review of Lojack For Laptops Premium – 1 Year Mac and Pricing Details


Have you ever wished you had a way to trace your laptop if it disappeared? That’s what Lojack for Laptops does. Lojack for Laptops Premium – 1 Year Mac is a one-year subscription to a tracking service that traces your laptop and helps you recover it, but also deletes any data you wouldn’t want falling into the wrong hands.

Best Features

1. Remote Data Deletion: In the event your laptop is stolen, you can remotely delete any data that you consider sensitive and that you would not want anyone else to see. Even if your laptop gets away from you, no one will get any information you don’t want them to have.

2. Computrace $1000 Service Guarantee: If your laptop is stolen and not recovered, you are guaranteed compensation for your laptop, up to $1000.

3. 75% Recovery Rate: Lojack for Laptops recovers 3 out of 4 stolen computers.

Customer Opinions:

Satisfied customers were happy with the fact that Lojack handles the recovery of the laptop, unlike some companies that locate it but  leave the contacting of the police to the owner. Lojack handles all of that. Other reviewers were also happy with the fact that Lojack sends a location signal which Lojack uses to contact local police. A recurring comment was the fact that while you hope you don’t have to use your Lojack for Laptops, having it installed gives you a great feeling of security and comfort. Many users were pleased with the ability to remotely delete sensitive data and keep financial data or sensitive customer information, for instance, from falling into the hands of a thief.


Lojack for Laptops Premium – 1 Year Mac retails for about $60, but better deals can usually be found online.