LogMeIn Review: Remote Desktop & Remote Access Solutions

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LogMeIn provides its users with remote desktop and access software.

Over the years, it has developed a large customer base and now users all around the world rely on different LogMeIn solutions, which help them find ways to tackle problems related to things such as file sharing, data backup, remote control, systems management and much more.

Some of the major solutions provided by LogMeIn include LogMeIn Free, LogMeIn Central and LogMeIn Rescue.

LogMeIn Free

LogMeIn Free is remote access software made available to users without any charges. The software differs from its competitors in the market in such a way that it runs the application in your internet browser.

You can access your system’s data from any PC that is connected to the internet through LogMeIn Free. With this software you can remotely control any numbers of PC you want from any location. It feels as if you are sitting in front of the target computer system. Almost every internet browser can be used to access the data on your target PC.

As LogMeIn Free is a smaller version of LogMeIn Pro, it does have few limitations. By spending a few dollars you gain access to a more powerful version, LogMeIn Pro that includes several advanced features.

Pros & Cons


• LogMeIn runs smoothly and without any data blockage most of the time.
• The software does not impact the target PC’s performance.
• It requires minimal system resources to initiate and run.


• With the free version you are unable to share printers and make use of remote audio steaming.
• Being a remote connection, actions such as closing, opening and moving windows, at times create some latency.

LogMeIn Central

LogMeIn Central is a web application that allows you to manage LogMeIn’s remote control services, LogMeIn Free or Pro. You can use this remote control solution for several different purposes, including accessing all your remote PCs, tracking their availability and controlling and managing their secure access.

If you have to look after several running PCs, investing in LogMeIn Central is not a bad option. It is not inexpensive and costs $49.00 as monthly subscription charge, but it provides you a simple, easy and cost effective way to manage remote computers from a browser.

Pros & Cons


• Supports Windows and Mac
• It helps with easy efficient control and management of systems using LogMeIn Free or Pro
• Quick and easy to install
• Interface is easy and simple to understand


• Pricey if only basic remote access is needed
• Does not support Linux

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LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue provides a continuous support of remote systems. Having diagnostic and chat abilities, LogMeIn Rescue provides Information Technology technicians with the capability to remotely troubleshoot electronic gadgets such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.

It can help them quickly access and fix remote devices. Complimenting the increasing complexity of smart devices LogMeIn Rescue provides efficiency to your IT team by making them feel as if the troubleshooting device were in their hands. With Rescue you get the ability to secure remote devices anywhere by just having an internet connection.

This SaaS remote support solution. You get flexibility and can create your own subscription package with LogMeIn Rescue. The service can be availed with a yearly charge of $1,188 and similarly it can be availed with a monthly charge of $129. The choice is yours. Any added support for smartphone devices requires extra $768. If you are still undecided whether to use the product or not, you can go for a free 14 days’ trial.

Pros & Cons


• Easy to deploy and use without any software installation requirement on client PC or other device.
• Works well with almost all modern internet browsers.
• Secure and safe to use.
• A great comprehensive diagnostic tool.


• Its access can be blocked by certain Window settings.
• It’s pricey.


LogMeIn products provide you with fast, simple and easy to use remote access solutions. Each available solution can be evaluated and availed according to one’s needs and requirements. All you have to do is set up an account and install the given software on your computer and you are ready to securely access a remote computer system.