LogMeIn Remote Desktop App Review for Android & iOS

logmein-remote-desktop-review-app-android-iosThe workspace of today is undergoing some radical changes. Employees of today’s generation are not being stuffed into cubicles anymore. The pace of life means that people today are always on the move. Then again, people still depend on their computers almost always. How do they stay connected to their data while on the move?

Ponder no further, LogMeIn App is one of the best remote PC access software applications that gives you total access to your computer’s data from any smartphone device that supports Android or iOS, anywhere in the world. This is the dream mobile application for any frequent traveler.

How does this Work?

Bringing your system to basically any smartphone device is made possible by LogMeIn App. The ‘how’ of this is simple. You download the free app on your smartphone and what actually is happening is that you are allowed to share the screen of your desktop PC or Mac from home or office.

Then from any remote location that you may happen to be at the moment, you can manipulate the items on the desktop. The applications mimics your actions on your remote interface and executes them on your phone, all in real-time.

Key Features

Why do you need to get LogMeIn App? Well, it offers you some great features that are a great advantage for the frequent traveler craving to get access to their desktop. Consider from the many awesome features that LogMeIn has to offer for you.

– First and foremost, complete remote desktop access to your PC and Mac. The app lets you take full control with read and edit permissions from any remote location. Peruse documents, edit presentations and monitor your e-mail on the go. Complete portability.

– View HD quality video on the go. Streaming HD quality videos from the host computer is a lot more simplified. Without actually involving the services of any third-party cloud storage service, you can view videos on the host computer directly from your device. You can effortlessly switch between either monitor for a seamless remote computing experience.

– Files from the host computer can be transferred to your local device for better management. Your local device can be any phone or a tablet device. Important files can be transferred and managed among the two devices at your whim. Any file that you may need for future use, you can simply copy it onto your local device.

– It’s not only about accessing desktops. Access cloud based services on your smartphone device. Movies, music and other files stored in the cloud storage can be perused at any time directly from the cloud. You will never need to depend solely on your home computer to access your cloud files.

– LogMeIn App gives you a great amount of control over the host computer. Apart from copying files, images and music you can perform other cursory operations from your remote location. Navigate the home screen by pinch-zoom techniques. Remotely wake up host computers when they are in sleep mode. Get access to a full onscreen keyboard that allows you to carry out all the common functions.

LogMeIn for Android

Never stay further than a click to your home and work computers including all your applications and files. An Android Smartphone or tablet is all you will need to take control of your computer from anywhere at any time. All you need is 3G or Wi-Fi access and your computer is as good as in front of you.

Virtually all of your desktop applications are available to you during remote access, including proprietary business applications. LogMeIn believes in total remote access, hence even your alerts and other sounds are also audible during the remote sessions.

LogMeIn for iOS

This great remote PC access application is also available for iOS. Once you are accustomed to accessing your desktop from your iOS devices, nothing will ever be left behind again. Control all the desktop features, whether Mac or PC, from your iPhone or iPad. Use any apps that are facilitated by your desktop.

LogMeIn makes remote access so much more robust, high definition videos and sound can also be streamed from the host computer for a great viewing experience. Enhance your on-the-go productivity, and never stop.

LogMeIn Security

The application has been designed to meet the highest possible security standards. Protection and security of client data are of paramount importance and as such, it is taken very seriously. The Security protocols are routinely audited by genuine and reliable third-party firms to make sure that customer data and other information are kept confidential.

LogMeIn uses standard industry quality protocols for authentication and encryption. Except for the user, no one will be able to view the data that is being streamed. LogMeIn has a robust algorithm that makes storing relevant logon credentials for remote computers a simpler process. All logon data is stored directly on the remote device and never transmitted to the main servers of LogMeIn.


In conclusion, LogMeIn is a great application to effectively enable proper remote desktop access for all types of users. Work or play, whatever may be your needs, LogMeIn gives you complete control over your system. Let technology enable to you to be the unchecked wanderer. Leave the geeky details to LogMeIn.

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