Livedrive Extensive Review, Plans, Features & Benefits: Why do Users Choose to Backup their Data more Effectively?

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livedrive review, features, benefitsWould you believe that your data could ever be stored on an Internet professional cloud service? Nowadays the Internet is a vital part of our lives and cloud storage has the same importance for our personal data. You never know what might happen with your files that have been stored on your laptop, MAC or PC. Computer systems can crash at anytime, laptops can be stolen and your data will be gone forever never to be recovered.

Now imagine your personal data, documents, photos, music being securely stored somewhere else than your hard drive. In a place where no one can have access, no one can harm them and no storage system fails.

About Livedrive is a cloud storage technology company that began its online backup services back in December of 2008. By reaching five hundred thousand satisfied paying customers in 2012, and receiving top awards from major magazines and tech websites such as PC Pro, Computer Shopper, Expert Reviews, Network World, The Telegraph and many more, Livedrive has become one of the best cloud storage companies worldwide and the most popular in Europe and the United States of America.

Livedrive has achieved its status as a World – Renowned brand that collaborates and provides cloud storage services to world top retailers such as PC World, Currys and Dixons, CompUSA and Tiger Direct.

Livedrive Price for Home Use

There are three versions of Livedrive to choose from. Take a look below to see what fits your personal needs:

1.      Livedrive Backup ($7.95 / month)

This version allows you to store your personal data from your PC or MAC with unlimited space. It’s easy to use, navigate, and access your files from anywhere. You can also download what you need while knowing you’re safe because it is encrypted and stored multiple times on the company’s servers.

2.      Livedrive Briefcase ($15.95 / month)

The next version of Livedrive allows you to sync your files from your PC or MAC. It is easy to use. You can access data from your mobile device, and share any file with friends and family.

3.      Livedrive Pro Suite ($24.95 / month)

With the Pro version you get up to five separate accounts of unlimited space, automatic syncing, access data from other applications such as FTP accounts and have priority support for Pro Suite customers.

For more information please visit Livedrive Home Page.

Livedrive Price for Business Use

If you own a business or a large corporation you will definitely need Livedrive, let me tell you why. All your business files will be stored to the cloud automatically. Each employee can retain their own storage space. You’ll have ultimate control, you can access data from anywhere and view when it was last edited, who created the data or who last modified it. All will be encrypted and secured with the latest data encryption software. Lastly you’ll have 24/7 online support by email.

You can select between two business packages that fit your company’s needs:

1.      Express ($49.95 / month)

With this package you have the opportunity to add up to 3 user accounts for a total of 2TB storage room. You can backup all of your office computers, monitor each backup, restore files and folders, sync files between computers, view your data from anywhere by using a unique password key, share your data between your employees, set up individual tasking and enjoy so many other incredible features. No additional users or storage space can be included in this package.

2.      Standard ($159.95 / month)

The standard package is 10 users and 10TB of storage room, it also includes everything from the express package. Add more users for $14.95 / month or 1TB of storage space for $7.95 / month. Access your cloud storage data with FTP, SFTP or WebDAV accounts.

For more information visit Livedrive Business Packages.

Livedrive Mobile

The “smartphone age” is among us.  Technology is getting smaller, thinner and faster! These smartphones are everywhere, twitting, texting, surfing the net or using thousands of free applications  ­ it’s all right in the palm of our hands.

Livedrive has its own android app found in the  Android Marketplace. Simply type Livedrive and click the download button. Sign in to your personal Livedrive account through a secure and encrypted connection. Download music, photos or documents, update folders and share files with your friends.

The Livedrive App is also  available on iPhone or iPad. If  you own a Blackberry, Windows phone or WebOS device,  use Livedrive Mobile Web Portal and login at!

Livedrive Alternative

I have been using cloud storage services since January 2009, when a friend of mine told me of a   service that keeps your data safe online and you can access it easily at anytime and from anywhere you are in the world. The first service I used was Carbonite. Then I tried other different new services such as Dropbox, Sugarsync and Mozy, and I was trying to find which one was better and more easy to use.

Livedrive vs Mozy

The only thing that I dislike about some online backup services is when they force potential buyers to enter their billing detail information and charge you before the Free Trial period ends! Livedrive gives you a Free Trial option but you actually have to enter your payment details which is a trick! Mozy instead, gives you the opportunity to use their service with 2GB of free storage space and no credit card needed. That gives the user an idea of how this service works and if he likes it, he can eventually buy it for the unlimited space and full features it provides.

Livedrive Simple, Secure Online Backup

Livedrive for Mac

Livedrive is not solely for PC users, Mac customers can also enjoy Livedrive and its features.. Simply download Livedrive for Mac and enjoy quick and automated backups! For more information about how to install Livedrive for MAC please click here.

Livedrive Security

Everything you need to know about each online backup security company is written in their privacy policy. Livedrive states their policy here. Before using or buying a cloud service we should read their policies. My personal experience led me to the fact that reading the company’s privacy policy statement made me clear of the use of the service.

Online services are not 100% secure, and it is the same with all other Internet accounts such as Facebook, emails, etc. The Internet is a huge entity and anyone can do the impossible as they would in the real world. Malware that steal your personal information, even if it’s in the cloud or stored in your computer, is what hackers use so they can steal credit card information and empty your bank account! So, never store any sensitive information to the cloud services. Change your passwords often and keep track of your login times to each account.

Livedrive Problems

The most important thing when buying a cloud service is to know if its customers are satisfied with it. Some of them are not satisfied because their demands are greater than what the service provides for them. Why does that happen? It’s simple. They just don’t read the privacy policy statement or don’t know exactly how the service works. There might be technical problems or reliability issues too like:

  1. Not all data can be synchronized automatically and when requested to download are not available.
  2. Uploading speed issues and corrupted data.
  3. Low quality support, not that quick.
  4. Registration problems by using more than one computer.

Every online storage company has its issues. If you  search online for online storage problems you will find many unhappy users. My personal opinion? Do not rely 100% on them. Try some by using a free trial with some sample data that you really don’t care if you lose and then make your own judgment on what service suits best for you!

Livedrive Download

You can get a two week free trial on basic backup, briefcase and pro suite. Simply type your email (so you can confirm your registration) and a strong password (make sure to include capital letters, hyphens, special characters, numbers, etc). In order to complete your free trial period you have to enter your personal details and billing information. There is also a lifetime discount. You can cancel the subscription at anytime.

Livedrive Reseller

Sell unlimited online backup to unlimited customers for a flat fee of just $59.95 per month. You can also create as many Livedrive accounts as you want, have full control to create, manage or update your customer accounts and add your brand or logo to sell your packages. Check full features and pricing for each reseller here.

Livedrive Support

One of the best factors that someone should know when buying a service is their support. The only way to contact Livedrive support is by email. Even though they provide a 24/7 email feedback, the problem with that is that they don’t have a live chat or phone number support so you have to wait until your turn is reached, identify the problem and resolve it, which will take way too long when compared to a quick response through live chat or a phone call!


Many people tend to buy online storage services these days. Most good services give you a set of great features to backup and restore your personal data. is a good professional service that provides quality, great automated features and plans to choose from. Try it out for yourself and give us your feedback.