Keep Your Data Safe with Pro Soft Engineering’s Data Recovery Software

Keep Your Data Safe with Pro Soft Engineering’s Data Recovery Software

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Have you ever lost all your files in a hard drive crash? All of us have at one time or another. When it happens, we always say the same thing. Never again. From now on we will make sure every file is backed up every single day.

Of course, the reality is that life is hectic and often file backup takes a backseat to the day to day business of life. What you need is something that will automate the backup process, so your data is protected no matter what happens to your devices. With a variety of products to keep your computer running efficiently, Pro Soft Engineering has you covered.

Data Backup 3

Available for PC or Mac, Data Backup 3 will automatically back your files up to a secondary hard drive or online file backup site. You set the schedule and let the software do all the work, keeping you always prepared for a hard drive failure.

Data Backup 3 comes with an integrated online storage option that not only keeps your data safe, but allows you to access it from anywhere at any time. Need to get to an important personal file while stuck at a friend’s house? Login to your Data Backup 3 account and the file will be there waiting for you.

Setting up your backup is easy, with a wizard that lets you set which files to be backed up, when. Set it for late at night, while you’re sleeping, to prevent slowdown of your PC or Mac when you need it most. You can even set your entire hard drive to be backed up or, to speed things up, set up incremental backups.

With integrated virus protection, you won’t have to worry about viruses spreading to your files before backup. And once your backup is complete, you can set the software to send you an e-mail notification to let you know its status.

Data Backup 3 is only $49 per license, with software downloadable from Pro Soft Engineering’s website.

Data Rescue 3

Available for PC or Mac, Data Rescue 3 comes in and saves the day when your computer crashes or is seriously damaged by a virus. Unlike other dangerous repair utilities on the market, Data Rescue 3 allows you to choose which files you want to save and send it off to a secondary hard drive. You’ll have to provide that drive, but once you’ve hooked it up the software will walk you through the steps of moving your files over.
The software’s personal use license is only $99, with a professional license available for $249 and includes the bootable CD image. Its best feature is its ability to save your files even if your hard drive won’t mount. Better yet, if you have a camera or other media with files that have been erased, Data Rescue 3 can still find and save those files.


For just $19.95, you can get the Klix digital picture recovery tool for either PC or Mac. Klix can recover your photos from a damaged media card, even when the data on the card has been deleted or the card has been reformatted.

Media Tools Pro

For the IT professional, Media Tools Pro packs data recovery and forensics into one software package, allowing you to both save data and troubleshoot problems. Media Tools Pro also includes complete drive wiping software and a file recovery tree to help with more advanced processes.


Pro Soft Engineering has a full suite of software to handle all of your file recovery and backup needs. With software designed for personal and professional use, Pro Soft Engineering has award-winning solutions to all your IT problems.