How Advanced Monitoring Technology can Keep your Children Safe on The Internet

How to Keep your Child Safe on the Internet

We all know how curious kids can be. It’s what keeps them striving to learn more, do more and grow up more. And there are certain curiosities that we all know are awkward but unavoidable. Using a computer, and eventually the internet is one of them. There’s something about computers that draw kids in, and one day, as they get old enough, they will have to be taught about the benefits and dangers of the online world. Like a child who wants to go to their friends on their own for the first time; you’ll worry but you’ll also know that at some point you’ll have to trust them.

How to Keep your Child Safe on the InternetThe internet is similar. We all know there are dangers lurking on the internet, especially dangers for younger children, but we should also know that the benefits outweigh those dangers a thousand times to one. The use of the internet is common place in almost all professions these days, and at school a computer illiterate child could struggle to keep up. With that in mind I think it’s important to introduce kids to the world of computers at the right age. What that age is is open for debate, and of course there’s no right or wrong answer. But as a parent, I’m sure you’ll have an inkling of when that is.

Basic Computer Skills

The basic skills involved in using a computer (using a mouse, typing, opening applications) are skills that can be learnt early. There are plenty of applications for young children that include learning games, that are perfect for teaching kids about basic computer skills. But when it comes to teaching them about online skills things become a bit more tricky. The vast majority of the internet is full of great resources and great experiences. Whether it’s Wikipedia, news websites, weather, games, social networking or beautiful photos & videos, the amount of information and entertainment at our finger tips is almost endless. But the dangers are very real. As well as the obvious example of adult material, other risks include websites about gambling, guns, hate speech and drugs. Not to mention identity theft, online bullying, illegal downloads and viruses.

Inform and Protect

But I’m not talking about these dangers to put you off, as I mentioned before the benefits hugely outweigh the worries. The key here is to inform and to protect our children. Informing them of the basic code of the internet (and I don’t mean html!). Setting strong passwords, not talking to strangers in chat rooms and not accepting anyone as a friend on Facebook. These are things that should be taught to a child at the beginning of their introduction, so that it sets in their mind for the future. You should also introduce them to child friendly websites and ask them not to browse to other sites. A bit like telling them to play in the street but not to go out of view of the house.

Gecko Computer Monitoring Software

Of course, none of us can be looking over our children’s shoulders 24/7. And we want to exercise some form of trust in everything that they do. When it comes to the internet, that’s where advanced monitoring technology comes in. Sounds technical? Don’t worry, it’s not! Computer Monitoring Software (an evolution from the term ‘keylogger’) is software that you can install on your computer to monitor activity while you’re away or busy. Software like Gecko Monitor, can be installed in secret and will stealthily keep an eye on the users activities, recording everything for you to check back at a later date.

When you do want to check up on what your children have been up to you can log in, using a secret key combination and password and review all of the logs. The logs show a wide range of activities (in fact, everything you’d need to know), including all websites visited, all applications used, everything typed and every document opened, saved, deleted or moved. You’ll also be able to see reports of anything copied and pasted, or printed, leaving no stone unturned. So you’ll be able to let your child use the computer in their own time, while making sure they’re using it safely and responsibly whenever you get the chance.


Computer Monitoring Software like Gecko Monitor is perfect for a number of situations. For example, you may also have an older child who you’re worried is spending too much time playing games or surfing questionable websites in their room, when they should be dong home work.

If you’d like to download a free trial of Gecko Monitor, head over to the website at This article was written by the web developer and software reviewer, John Damon.