Just Cloud Review: Lets You Keep All Your Files in One Place!

Just Cloud Review: Lets You Keep All Your Files in One Place!

You’re away from home and an urgent call comes through. Your client needs information from you, but you can’t get to the files you need. They’re stored safely on your work server, thousands of miles from where you are right now. If only there were a way you could view, download, and edit your files from anywhere.

Thanks to Just Cloud, there’s now a way. You can upload your photos to the Cloud, reachable to you and your associates wherever you are.

What is the Cloud?

If you aren’t sure what people mean when they refer to “the Cloud,” it simply refers to a storage server provided by a company, accessible to your company via the Internet. Cloud-based storage providers have opened up the opportunity for companies to upload files to a secure server where they may be accessed by those with login credentials.

Just Cloud stands out because its Cloud-based storage provides a free two-week trial and low-cost pricing. Better yet, you’ll receive unlimited storage. This is a plus, especially for individuals and small businesses who cannot afford to buy expensive servers and employ I.T. staff to maintain it.

Safe and Secure

Not only will your files be securely stored and encrypted, but also backed up automatically. You won’t have to manually copy all of your data to a separate hard drive. You can rest assured that your data are safe with Just Cloud.

Because of its Cloud-based location, all of your devices will be synced automatically. Whether you log in with your smartphone or PC, you’ll see the latest versions of all your files. Just Cloud allows you to choose which files will be synced and how often, keeping you in control of your data. Through the control panel, you’ll be able to set up a schedule for when your data are backed up each day, taking away your need to worry about it.

This is ideal for those who take work home. Rather than carrying home a work laptop or keeping files on a jump drive that can be lost or forgotten, your files will be there for you wherever you go.

Collaborate with Friends

Want to share your data? Just Cloud has you covered there, too. You can invite your friends or co-workers to view and even edit your files, allowing for easy collaboration. No more e-mailing files back and forth and worrying about which version is which. The latest, most updated version will always be accessible anywhere with Internet access.

Take social networking to the next level by inviting your Facebook and Twitter friends to view your data. You can even set up a custom link to allow friends to find your file online without having to be a member.

Top Level Service

With monitoring 24 hours a day, your files will always be secure in Just Cloud’s data center. Your data will be encrypted using 256-bit secured socket layer (SSL) encryption, keeping your files secure every time you upload and download them.

In addition to 24/7 customer service availability, you’ll also find Just Cloud simple to use, even if you aren’t technically inclined. The wizard will walk you through setting up your backup schedule and you’ll never have to think about it again.

Thanks to unlimited storage, you’ll have a place to store all your mp3s and videos. No more losing files when your mp3 player dies. You’ll be able to hook your new player up and pull down all of the mp3s you spent your hard-earned money to acquire.


Just Cloud allows you to automatically sync all of your files to a Cloud-based server, where they will be regularly backed up and easily accessed from anywhere. The ability to share data allows for constant collaboration, keeping your project moving forward no matter where your team is located.