iTwin Connect Remote Desktop Device Offers Privacy Protection Twofold

itwin-connect-remote-desktop-private-vpnThe internet is teeming with crackers and hackers. These are people who like to have access to your data and possibly steal your identity. There is no end to the amount of malice that a hacker is capable of.

Knowing that there are people who are almost certainly spying on your every keystroke input makes you wonder about how you can maintain your privacy online. iTwin’s Connect offers you the chance to make the public domain of the internet a little more private.

The iTwin Connect simply stated, is a precautionary measure that can keep your data safe. The device is in essence made up of smaller twin USB devices that create a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

Setting up a secure VPN connection is as simple as plugging in the two halves into separate systems. One device goes into your trusted home or office terminal. This will act as your base point for data. The other end may go into either another terminal at your home/office or a laptop for use on the move. Simply plugging in the two devices creates a secure VPN tunnel between the two of them.

The iTwin Connect module is inclusive of a remote file access and desktop app. You can now access your office servers from home without any hindrance whatsoever. iTwin maintains a high standard for data security, all data that is transferred is encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256 ensuring the highest possible level of data protection.

The twin devices are designed in such a way that a unique and secure Crypto key is generated every time the devices are paired over the web. iTwin also gives you the option of an additional password authentication for the “two-factor” security. The hardware key essential for access is exclusively in possession of the user.

The iTwin connect has been available to windows users for a while now. A recently released upgrade lets users even connect their Mac systems to the VPN systems. Its VPN server may not be able to bar the government agencies but they should be most effective in protecting your systems from attacks by private individuals or agencies.

After all, safety from prying eyes is all you need when you use the internet. Especially when you conduct monetary transactions online.

Using the iTwin Connect device is as simple as plugging it in. The software automatically installs itself and connects to the other device over the web. After establishing a secure connection, these paired systems will now have access to each other’s shared files and folders. Accessing remote desktop applications too doesn’t trip any firewalls.

Plugging in the device links your PC to the iTwin server which in turn acts as the gateway to the internet. If you like to stay on the move a major share of your data facilities comes from coffee shops, airports and other popular Wi-Fi hotspots. For obvious reasons using these facilities puts your systems data at risk. Using iTwin Connect’s VPN server, your data can be made a little more secure.

The other, more marvelous feature of iTwin’s Connect is that it transcends geological boundaries imposed on some sites. People who frequently abroad have one major complaint of not being able to access popular sites such as Netflix, Hulu etc. Using iTwin application will allow users to access these popular sites from any location in the world.

Using a VPN server routes your data through the dedicated iTwin server. This means that the Geo-restriction of certain is automatically overcome since the connection is established via the dedicated server that is present in the host country. You can now browse the web without unfair restrictions.

iTwin Connect solves the problem of security and selective censorship with apparent ease, But that’s not all there is to it. As an extension to the VPN server’s capabilities, your PC can be set to even “Teleport” you to another computer of your choosing.

Essentially, this means that the iTwin Connect’s twin USB system can be used to route data through a computer of the user’s choice instead of simply the dedicated VPN server. The internet traffic from your remote system is routed through either the office or home PC’s.

This property of iTwin Connect is what makes it very valuable to the users while travelling. It simply just lifts off the Geo-restrictions imposed by some sites.

The “teleport” feature is especially important when you need to access restricted services on the move. Corporate data and servers can only be accessed from certain fixed static IP address.

This usually serves to prevent the incursion of a foreign user onto the enterprise data. While on-the-go, the iTwin Connect system can be used to re-route all the files and data to your trusted home IP so that access to your sensitive data is maintained securely.

The iTwin Connect solution can be viewed as a very natural extension of the remote desktop access feature. This awesome software solution offers shared folder access, remote desktop access application without any port forwarding and a secure VPN all bundled into a beautiful package.