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On November 18, 2016
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We've installed GoToMyPC on a desktop PC and an iMac. Then we used the iPad app to connect from a cafe down town. Even if we used extra security (VPN), the connection wasn't bad at all, we've managed to access both computers fast, open Photoshop and other apps and print documents. GoToMyPC is just awesome!

How often have you found yourself wishing for a remote button that controls everything related to your life? Well for starters; wouldn’t it be nice to gain remote access to your computer, from wherever you wish to?  Whether it is a file you want to pull from your office computer, or perhaps you would like to work on files stored on your office PC from home on a day that it is difficult to make it in to the office, there is a solution for you!

You will no longer have to worry about being inaccessible to the files, folders and information that are saved on your computer, simply because you are physically not present beside it. Now there is a product that guarantees a secure fast and reliable way to connect to the computer of your choice, irrespective of where you find yourself at that point of time. This wonderful program is called GoTo MyPC.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

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GoToMyPC is a remote connection solution software, designed to give you unlimited access to the contents of your computer. You can copy, edit and print files, and schedule any other administrative function on your remote desktop / laptop. It not only allows you to access the remote device, but also provides you with the administrative parameters of the network that your PC is connected to.

It can be used to shutdown the keyboard and monitor of your target remote PC. This prevents users from either peeping or interfering with your operations. The user interface of GoToMyPC is easy to use and understand, and I believe that it is even simpler than that of pcAnywhere.  Even a complete novice can set up a session without using the user guide. It also offers remote access to Mac systems and does not discriminate between operating systems.

The most efficient feature with this program is that you could make it accessible to more than 1 user. This is a huge benefit for small business owners or big corporations, when the employees concerned are not physically present together at the same time, but still want to discuss, work or access the files and info stored on a particular computer that is located at some remote place.

Many big corporations have started using this program to better co-ordinate and communicate with team members on a particular project even when they are unable to congregate together. Don’t forget to click on the right side to get a special GoToMyPC Promo Code!

Is It Safe?

This product is one of the safest remote connection suits ever. It protects all of your data with the secure 128-bit AES encryption, thereby making sure that your files remain unaltered as you work on them from your remote location of choice. With the dual protection to your account, end-to-end user authentication, and the Hi-Tech and HIPAA compliance, it ensures that unauthorized access to your computer and network is blocked.  As you can see, GoToMyPC provides everything you need in a secured remote connection.

The secure system makes it possible to protect each session with a special password that is valid only for the said session. Such passwords do not work after the session times out. This ensures that none of the sensitive info on your computer can be misused even by authorized people once the session is over.

How Does It Work?

After installing the client application on all of your PCs, this program allows you to access them remotely through a web browser. First you will have to log in to the GoToMyPC website where you will be prompted with the list of the entire client computer devices under your ownership. A click on any of them will take you to the next level, after inputting the authentication details you have already set on the remote device. Setting everything up is easy and only takes few minutes and you will be able to see a real-time picture of your screen.


  • Easy and simplified access to your remote computer through a web browser
  • Remote access to the network your device is connected to
  • Work on your office desktop from home or while away on holiday
  • End-to-end encryption and authentication keeps your data safe
  • User friendly interface
  • Eliminates the complications encountered by firewall settings
  • Supports multiple computers
  • Offers synchronization options
  • Complete monitor resolution between your computer and the target device
  • Supports dynamic IP addresses
  • Matches your mobile screen and that of your target device so you can work comfortably with your mobile devices
  • Comes with free 24/7 technical support and free software and services upgrades


  • It is easy and fast to install
  • It offers reliable video streaming
  • Allows file and folder transfers
  • Supports printer sharing


  • You can’t sign up for the free trial period without a credit card
  • The audio streaming service sometimes can be slow

Available Coupons – GoToMyPC Promo Code

GoToMyPC comes with a low price tag when compared to other competing products. Subscriptions are categorized by the three editions offered: GoToMyPC, GoToMyPC Pro, and GoToMyPC Corporate. There is a special limited time offer saving $10 OFF plus you get a 45 day Free Trial. Just click the link on the top right side to get GoToMyPC Promo Code!

If you are interested in supporting a lot of computers remotely, check out the Pro edition that allows you to access up to 50 computers.  Are you looking for something with the ability to have administrative control?  I would recommend GoToMyPC Corporate.  Though most people are of the view that GoTo MyPC is pricy, with so many incredible features and easy to use functions, it is well worth the investment!


GoToMyPC is a top notch remote computer device connection solution suit. Being the best of its kind, it overcomes all the difficulties encountered when trying to establish a connection to a remote PC. It is designed to provide the best remote connection experience for personal reasons, business purposes and others.  Gone are the days when you had to transfer all of your files to a thumb drive before leaving the office! Access your PC, transfer files and folders from anywhere in the world as if you were sitting at your desk.

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We've installed GoToMyPC on a desktop PC and an iMac. Then we used the iPad app to connect from a cafe down town. Even if we used extra security (VPN), the connection wasn't bad at all, we've managed to access both computers fast, open Photoshop and other apps and print documents. GoToMyPC is just awesome!