iPod Protection Plan Review & Pricing Details


Safeguard your iPod with the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod.  Although Apple’s complimentary 90-day, single-incident support contract is better than most in the industry, it does not cover many of the most common issues you might face as a new iPod user.  With the AppleCare Protection Plan, you get 2 full years of comprehensive, unlimited service and support to ensure that you get the most out of your iPod.


Coverage is broadly split into two categories: Hardware Support and Software Support.

1. Hardware support covers your iPod’s display, battery, and internal mechanisms, as well as any external components such as the headphones or charger.  Should any of these components fail during your first two years of service, Apple will repair or replace them at no cost to you.  You can mail your iPod directly to Apple for repair, or take it to any one of Apple’s retail stores for servicing.  In some cases where the repair work is not extensive, Apple can actually send a DIY kit directly to you, so you can perform the repair at home.

2. Software support covers any troubleshooting issues you have with iTunes or other Apple branded software.  To best service your needs, Apple provides a number of different support options.  AppleCare owners can call the toll free number provided with their registration for immediate, round-the-clock answers to their questions.  AppleCare members are also eligible for free Genius support at all Apple locations.

Customer Opinions

Customers unanimously agree on the quality of the AppleCare Protection plan.  Technical support is available for PCs, as well as Macs; so regardless of the computer you use, you can get your questions answered.  Because Apple offers separate plans for iPod Touch and iPod Classic, customers receive the level of service that’s appropriate for their needs.

Pricing Details

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