iPhone Protection Plan Review


Accidents happen.  That’s why it’s important to protect your iPhone with the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone.  Although your iPhone is sold standard with a 90-day single incident coverage plan, this plan is not intended to safeguard your phone over the long-term.  With the AppleCare Protection Plan, you receive an entire two years of support, protecting you from a broad range of issues which could arise.  Because of Apple’s integrated approach to technology development, AppleCare provides you with one-stop service and support for all of your iPhone service needs.


The AppleCare Protection Plan covers all aspects of your iPhone.  Coverage begins at the date of purchase, and extends for a full two years.  AppleCare supports all issues related to your iPhone’s hardware, including the iPhone itself, as well as your battery, earphones, and other accessories.  Software support covers problems with the operating system, as well as questions about Mail, Safari, Calendar, Remote, iTunes, and other Apple-branded software.  The cost of parts, labor, repair, telephone support, and in-store support are included with the plan.  No matter what issues you might encounter, AppleCare gives you peace of mind.

Customer Opinions

Customers appreciate the ease and reliability of access to experts which comes with the AppleCare Protection Plan.  For technical questions, telephone and email support coupled with complementary in-store service from Apple Geniuses means that help is never far away.  Mechanical issues are also resolved quickly.  When hardware repair issues arise, AppleCare customers can simply drop off their iPhone at their nearest Apple store, or mail it to the AppleCare center for quick servicing.

Pricing Details

Don’t wait until it’s too late – the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone can only be purchased during your iPhone’s 90 day complementary service period.  Get the safety and security of AppleCare for iPhone without the hefty price tag.  Check out our incredible deals on AppleCare Protection plans for iPhone by visiting the special page that will open for you.

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