Intel’s Cloud 2015 Investment Plan

Intel’s Vision

The Cloud 2015 Vision is centered on promoting cloud computing (storing, working, and managing data online instead of on a computer) as the future of Internet networks. As the number of users, devices, and services increase, IT resources will become limited and unable to handle the Internet traffic. Intel suggests that cloud computing is the answer to providing services in a cost effective manner. A multi-year project is needed to expand cloud based services so that information can more easily be shared between private and public clouds when needed. In order to provide this, Intel needs best of each kind of technology, flexibility in how to handle the job, and more choices from centers that provide data to clients.

Sounds Like a Big Job

It’s a huge undertaking and well beyond what Intel can do on its own. For that reason, it has joined forces with a network of hardware and solution providers to work with the new cloud vision and make it a reality. Their goal is to keep our data safe; make data centers more energy efficient; and simplify the cloud structure while enhancing delivery to us, the end users.

Show Me the Money

This project will obviously require a lot of time, technical knowledge, and money. Assisting Intel in funding this project is a group of global information technology managers called the Open Data Center Alliance. Between them they have over $50 billion in IT spending. Right now there are over 70 members, but more may choose to invest and join the alliance. Some of the members are: BMW, JPMorgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Terremark, Marriott International, Shell, and UBS. Intel, while a part of the alliance, is a non-voting member and will be acting as the technical advisor for the project.

Common Factor

The Open Data Center Alliance seems to be very diverse, with hotel chains, banking, automotive, and more but they all have something in common. Every one of the companies has an interest in cloud computing for current and future projects. It is worth their while to invest in the development of improved systems because it will benefit their businesses in the future. By providing the funding for the project, they hope to make it move faster towards its goal.

Cloud Builders

Intel announced the creation of a Cloud Builders Program as a part of the Cloud 2015 project. Current technology companies such as Cisco, Citrix, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, and more are all involved in providing suggestions and solutions for the new cloud framework. They will need all the help they can get if projections are correct. By 2015, experts say that there will be another one billion people on the Internet and another 15 billion devices with Internet capability in use.

Bottom Line

With big investors and top technology, Intel’s Cloud 2015 seems to be on the right track for preparing us for the future. As investors and more high-tech companies get on board, this project will surely make our future Internet experiences easier and more interesting.