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installaware reviewInstall Aware is innovative software for creating installation packages. It’s inexpensive when compared to its competitors; effective, and able to run independently of Windows Installer.

It also provides users with a simple, one-click way to create a free installer for Visual Studio projects, combine 32-bit and 64-bit applications within a package, and run without an internet connection.

How InstallAware Works

Install Aware functions as a basic installer, but it also does a lot more. It can allow users to remove features they don’t use very often, while still allowing them to be used on an as-needed basis. InstallAware does this by carving file locations into web media blocks.

This helps save space and bandwidth by ensuring that only things that are absolutely necessary are downloaded when downloading is triggered (which can be done manually, by a user, or automatically, such as when the system detects that necessary files are missing). This is its “WebAware” technology, and it allows users to blend online and offline content in their setup files.

InstallAware Products


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– Developer

– Studio

– Studio Admin

– Virtualization

– Cloud


What Customers are Saying About InstallAware

Install Aware users like it because it’s relatively cheap, easy to use, and does exactly what it needs to do. It’s also flexible, so users can easily create their own, custom runtime packages. This software also has good localization support.

Users can generally create a basic installation package in far less time than they would with comparable programs, as in a matter of hours instead of days. Developers also like the fact that Install Aware has “floating” licenses- this means that a company can buy a handful of software licenses, and their entire development team is able to use them.

InstallAware also offers users the option of converting other projects into the InstallAware format. This makes it easy to take over projects that were created with a different installation builder, like Wise Installation Studio.

When users criticize Install Aware, it’s generally not because of the software itself. Most users agree that Install Aware is excellent at what it does, and who have problems with InstallAware have problems with the program’s documentation, or the support they received from the company itself, even after opting for the “Gold Support” package during purchase.

Unfortunately, users who want any support at all have to pay for their “Gold Support” package, since absolutely no support is included with the purchase of the software. Therefore, though InstallAware does make many installation tasks easier, users who don’t want to have to “fly blind” and familiarize themselves with the software without the help of extensive documentation or a good customer support site may want to pass this program by.

Opinions are divided over the program’s Ribbon user interface- some developers like it, while others find it annoying, but that’s generally just a matter of personal opinion.

InstallAware Pricing

InstallAware’s base price is $499. This scales upwards depending on the level of functionality that you’re looking for in the product:

– InstallAware Express is the base price, of $499. This product gives users access to all of InstallAware’s basic features.
– InstallAware Developer is $999. This includes the basic features found in InstallAware Express, as well as MSIcode scripting, command line builds, App-V, and two-way integrated IDE.
– InstallAware Studio is $2,999. This is the product package recommended by InstallAware. This combines the features of the above two packages, as well as an MSIcode debugger, dialog designer, and the ability to create several different variations from one original setup project.
– InstallAware Studio Admin is $3,999. This includes the features of InstallAware Studio, and adds on an automation interface, and software repackaging via PackageAware.

Discounts are available for users who are upgrading their existing installer (InstallShield, for example) to InstallAware.

Users can also choose to add maintenance and upgrade packages to their software for an additional fee. Varying levels of support are also available, from nothing to Gold Support, as are consultation packages to help users with their individual setup projects.


InstallAware gives developers a fast, easy means of creating setup packages. This program has risen to become one of the most popular installation programs available, is an excellent option for seasoned developers in a very reasonable price!

New users may want to skip this one, however, since InstallAware’s basic software comes with no customer support, and their Gold Support may be prohibitively expensive for many small software developers.