iLife ’11 Review and Price

Do you love to be creative with your photos, videos and movies? Well you can do more than you ever dreamed of with the iLife’11 software from Apple. iLife’11 is a suite of creativity applications like iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband that allow you to share stunning photos, create Hollywood style movie trailers and create your own music all from the comfort of home on your Mac OS X.

I’d like to take a look at each of these applications in more detail to show you just how much you can do with the iLife’11 software program.

iPhoto: Browse, edit and share photos in full screen views in Place, Faces, Events and Albums. Eight Apple designed email themes let you add life to your photos as well as share photos and comments with Facebook friends. You can also create professional looking books and cards.

iMovie: Create Hollywood style movie trailers with visual effects such as slow motion and a dream haze with just a few clicks. You can also create videos like broadcast news or a sportscast complete with instant replay. The audio editing controls are easy to use and allow you to create the perfect sound mix. The People Finder function allows you to quickly find the clips you need.

Garageband: Twenty two new basic lessons allow you to learn guitar or piano at your own pace. You can re-create the sound of your favorite guitar rigs and pedals with new guitar amps and effects and Flex Time allows you to tighten the rhythm of your recordings.

Other applications include iWeb for instant website creation and iDVD for dvd movie creation.

If you have a lot of computer users in your house you should consider the iLife’11 Family Pack. The iLife’11 Family Pack allows you to run iLife’11 on up to 5 computers in a given household.

The Family Pack is only about $12 more than an individual iLife’11 software package if you purchase from That price is a real bargain that can provide you with true convenience if you have multiple Mac users in your house.

iLife’11 has Compatible Intel with Macs running Snow Leopard.

I hope this brief overview gives you some idea of what a versatile creativity software program the iLife’11 truly is but I’d like to hear from you. Have you used the Apple iLife’11 program and has your experience been with it? How does it measure up to other such programs?